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Sheriff Morgan submits $95 million budget

April 30, 2013

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Sheriff David Morgan has officially submitted his 2013-2014 budget to the Board of County Commissioners:

Law Enforcement: $50,773,658
Detention: $40,251,178
Court Security: $4,033,002
Total: $95,057,838

This is a $18,864,552 increase over last year. Here is the breakdown of the increase:

Law Enforcement salares down $37,872
FICA taxes down $10,547
Retirement up $1,234,854 (due to rates increased by the state)
Health & Life insurance up $703,558
Workers Comp up $15,283

The biggest increases are in Detention in answer to the staffing issues pointed out the JCI study:

Hire 83 detention deputies & 12 detention assistants: $6,324,157
Bringing up starting detention deputy pay to match Road Prison deputy pay: $658,409

Paying ECSO employees holidays and overtime like the BCC does: $4,340,002 overtime, $3,952,930 holiday

See Letter: Budget

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  • joe May 1, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    I think Shannon N.., from the local daily, said it well…the Sheriff needs to learn to play well with others. His tactics and overbearing approach don’t endear him to accomplishing what may be very appropriate and much needed goals. But as the largest county dept budget he needs to look internally at ways to make his office better and not be such a “jerk” in his presentation to the people holding his purse strings. When you are talking about 10s of millions of dollars one would think he could propose some cost savings measures in conjunction with his request for additional monies.

  • Citizen April 30, 2013 at 8:04 pm

    Rick, I’m proud of the Sheriff for holding their feet to the fire on this issue. Those Corrections Officers deserve more help not only for the safety of themselves and the inmates, but also to be able to take days off that are well earned. They haven’t been able to do that for years because of being so short handed. Now I do have one flaw I would like to point out to the Sheriff. During his first term and within the first year, Chief Aiken took 10 positions from the Jail and used them as Deputy positions to meet the criteria for Grant money that had been applied for. This same tactic had been used during prior Admin’s even before McNesby. The Sheriff was blinded by Aiken’s suggestions at the time, so I hope he doesn’t listen to his ideas now on how to fight this battle. Hail to the Sheriff on behalf of the CO’s for at least holding their feet to the fire.

  • Denise April 30, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    Holy Truth in Advertising, Batman.

    So the Sheriff is finally calling to task the DO-AS-I-SAY_NOT-AS-I-DO BOCC ? It’s about time someone finally does. I always sit in amazement every year after listening to the BOCC cry poor mouth and ‘no money’ until the holidays roll around, and suddenly money magically appears to pay for unused leave time, holidays, and usually an extra day off for Christmas or Thanksgiving…not to mention those getting paid are generally long term supervisors, since the County has about four supervisors for every actual worker performing the job.

    And what about the Legal staff – they have more attorneys than most law firms in town, yet they are always hiring outside attorney to do the actual court stuff.