SOC mass email – Free beer to who can pick out most lies

August 22, 2006


From: Waterfront Park [mailto:Waterfrontparkinfo@kpasso.com]
Sent: Monday, August 21, 2006 8:27 PM
Subject: A Responce to the mass mailing…..

The downtown Pensacola Chamber of Commerce office is located on the south side of Garden Street in Pensacola.  Their blinders seem to prevent them from looking in any direction other than South.

In a recent mass Emailing, it was stated that the voice of the downtown Chamber has taken a position of support of the Community Maritime Park a/k/a Waterfront Baseball Stadium Project… Did you ever wonder why? 

Taxpayer money spent south of Garden Street can only benefit them.  Spending $40,000,000+ of taxpayer money is a great idea, especially when the residents from the rest of the community have to make up for the property tax dollars looted from the City and County general fund budgets.

Is it any wonder why NO one wants to join into the city limits?  Warrington is laughing at the city.  Brownsville is laughing at the city.  North Pensacola is laughing at the city. Myrtle Grove is laughing at the city.  Gonzalez is laughing at the city.  Cantonment is laughing at the city.  Did you ever wonder why? 

The Email goes on to state that “Based on hundreds of hours of public input meetings, we know the community has asked for public space along the water, green space in which to plan festivals and outdoor events, plus shops, restaurants and entertainment. ”

But the most notable item is never mention. The Downtown Chamber has never done any independent study to verify anything about the project. They accept as fact the song and dance being proposed by the CMPA folks. Did you ever wonder why?

Fact: All of the members of the Community Maritime Park Associates (CMPA) are also members of the inner circle of the Downtown Chamber of Commerce.  The three spokespeople of the CMPA are the current chairman, the immediate past chairman and the next year chairman. The major benefactor of the CMPA money and land grab is a board member; Other CMPA members hold important committee positions. The tentacles of the Chamber run everywhere and now they want to wrap themselves around our waterfront.

They also conveniently ignore the fact that the leader of the “community input” sessions was directed to “steer the results of the sessions toward the goals of the CMPA”. The input sessions were little more than a charade to placate the community into believing they actually were involved.

The Evenings in Olde Seville Square function has been widely touted as a major reason for the Trillium Park.  Here is a fact.  The Pensacola Historic Foundation (PHF) wants the concerts to stay in Seville Square because that is where they were originally held at the turn of the last century.  PHF is a group of all volunteers.  Providing the function at Seville Square is all they can handle.  The do NOT want to become a commercial operation and hire hundreds of workers for concerts at Trillium 2. 

If the city really wants “Green Space,” then they should clear the land, plant grass and trees, construct some sidewalks and public rest rooms and leave the rest to Mother Nature.  The city could construct this “Green” area for a lot less than $40 million is debt and we, the owners of the property should not have to construct a $16,000,000 baseball stadium in order to enjoy our waterfront. 

In the end the waterfront area, known, as Trillium is not going anywhere until the ECUA Main Street sewer plant is moved.  That is a $280,000,000 + project and only two third of the funds found. 

Vote No on the Maritime Park fiasco and tell your city council to start earning they pay instead of sleeping during the meetings.


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