SOC Nichols hates Studer…has her facts wrong again

August 31, 2006

pink vadar Stop Our City leader Melanie Nichols has a problem with Quint Studer (Nichols swings at Studer). She attacks him again in her letter to the PNJ:

Don’t waste tax dollars

An average of 1,500 people attend the sub-minor-league ball games and they are currently closer to a larger population base. There is nothing wrong with the existing field built at the University of West Florida by taxpayers. We already have a multiuse facility downtown, with air conditioner, called the Civic Center, which has conference center space. Rename it the “Studer Center” and let’s save the taxpayers $40 million.

Wasting precious tax dollars is not an option for our poor community. Do you think the number one priority in New Orleans will be to dump $40 million in tax dollars on their stadium? I don’t. I think they will want to reinvest in damaged infrastructure to protect them from future economic collapse.

Downtown will never thrive without a dependable wastewater treatment plant. I haven’t forgotten how close we were to mandatory evacuation of all homes served by our existing plant.

A true park will cost much less than $40 million and would leave an available safety net should we need this money in an emergency.

Vote no on Sept. 5.

— Melanie A. Nichols



RO NOTE: CRA funds can’t be saved for a rainy day. They are mandated by law to be spent on projects in the district.

The plant is being moved – check out some of Jim McClellan’s comments on the Gulf1.com posts.

And by the way, New Orleans has repaired the Superdome so the Saints can play there in September.

The only facts she got right were the public portion of the project ($40 million), the date of the vote and her name.

Mel – read the papers, do some research and give up your fixation on Studer.

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  • Rick Outzen September 1, 2006 at 2:20 pm

    “Thieves raiding trust funds” – government subsidies – then at slap at Adm Fetterman’s widow, Nancy (very classy move) – bring up my Gulf Breeze residency – attack Quint Studer as prima donna – then claim Melanie Nichols has researched her “facts”.

    You forgot to link this plan to 9/11 or Global Warming.

    1)Nichols has only done enough research to support her position which was made up along before the CMP was even finalized. Read the comments where others have pointed her faulty reasoning.

    2)Read the documents on the park. They are on the City’s website. Read Bob Kerrigan’s research – which is much more objective than Nichols.

    3)If this fails, GB will do everything it can to keep Studer Group in our small city. Ever wonder why GB has the new Andrews Institute and Pensacola doesn’t? Because we recognize a good deal when we see one and work to make it happen….not figure out ways to not to accomplish something.

    There are prima donnas involved in this debate but they are on the Stop Our City side.

  • MichaelO September 1, 2006 at 2:20 pm

    Dear ‘Does Gulf Breeze fund this paper’,

    I do not know Rick Outzen personally, but I agree with most all of his viewpoints and comments. I am a native of Pensacola, lived here all of my life except for a few years in college over in Tallahassee, and 1 year in California when I thought the grass was greener on the other side. (well, some grass is greener out in Cali, but we’ll save that for another thread!)

    I don’t see Rick’s views and opinions as insults to the citizens at large, just insults to the citizenry that opposes evolution and change. I often refer to Pensacola as a city in its awkward teenage years. It has so much potential, but so many people want to stop (or turn back) the clock and keep Pensacola as it was 30 years ago. Guess what, that ain’t gonna happen. Change is inevitable, and we can either embrace it and steer it towards a bright future, or we can stagnate like a nasty holding pond that does nothing but fester mosquito farms.

    I know Quint Studer, and to be honest, I used to be employed at the Studer Group. I’ll tell you why Gulf Breeze isn’t building anything for him out there. He doesn’t want them to. Quint Studer fell in love with the people and the community of PENSACOLA, not Gulf Breeze. Quint Studer lives in PENSACOLA Beach. Not Gulf Breeze. Quint Studer is begging the PENSACOLA community to let him donate millions of dollars of his personal money to their economy, not Gulf Breeze. And trust me, there is no financial gain for him in this deal (he doesn’t need it… that “tiny little business” of his does just fine). This man is taking more abuse than he deserves so that he can give millions to our coummunity.

    And why do I keep hearing naysayers refer to him as a “carpet-bagger?” What century is this? Is our community so ignorant that they still feel the need to draw such a line between those of us born South of the Mason-Dixon and those born North?

    I can’t tell you how many times the words of the naysayers in this heated debate have made me want to move my family away from this town, to some place that fosters a population of forward thinking citizens, not those that are obsessed with holding on to every nickel and dime they make, and only look as far as the next paycheck. (Are the churches in the North end of this town teaching people that there’s an entry fee into heaven?) I want this town to become a place that people are eager to move to, not from.

    I know that this community needs to catch up with a lot of the rest of the country as far as average/median salaries go. I don’t think that the Maritime Park is THE solution for that, but I do believe that it is part of the solution. I do believe it will be a catalyst to ramp up this economy and bring Pensacola out of this haze and into a brighter future.

    Sorry for the rant… that’s all folks.

  • Jami September 1, 2006 at 2:18 pm

    Are you kidding me? This is not a Gulf Breeze conspiracy and no one is making personal attacks …just attacking the lies. Could all of you nay-sayers out there just take a deep breath and read:


    All of the studies and documentation are there.

  • Does Gulf Breeze fund this paper? September 1, 2006 at 1:50 pm

    How can you call this a newspaper. You do nothing but attack the hard working citizens while promoting the thieves raiding the trust funds. No body gives government subsidies to bring in jobs hawking beer and hotdogs at stadiums,UWF already has the teachers for the waterfront campus, and only a small handful will work at the musuem (Nancy already has her job as the curator) The rest are volunteers just like at the Aviation Museum. Is this paper fully funded by the Gulf Breeze City Council? It should be. What propaganda. Just installa has-been, long term Gulf Breeze Council member like Outzen, set him up with a tabloid and do nothing but criticize the citizens of Pensacola, its neighborhoods, its leaders and promote projects to bankrupt us. Then, even more people will flock to the only nearby community with a first class library, top schools in the nation, decent and clean neighborhoods and responsive a city government. Gulf Breeze has a CRA fund and they aren’t using it to build Studer a damned thing. They could care less if that prima donna takes his tiny business over the bridge into Pensacola.

    I’ll take hard working citizens like Melanie Nichols who has researched her facts any day over the trash you make up and call news.

  • Rick Outzen September 1, 2006 at 9:43 am

    I wish I had big advertisers.

    Where have I challenged the Pensacola Pelican attendance numbers? But thank you for sharing the numbers – 1500 average for a losing team at an out of the way stadium with few amenities isn’t bad. Proves it won’t be difficult to fill the new 3500-seat park.

    Please continue to read the PNJ and let me know what you find out.


  • Bill Braskey September 1, 2006 at 9:32 am

    I guess that would make a hill of beans difference if the park wasn’t multi-use. You do understand what “multi-use” means, right? I’m beginning to think that many of you anti types do not since you you parrot the same battlecry time and again… talk about tunnel vision.

  • Rather read the PNJ September 1, 2006 at 9:17 am

    The Pensacola News Journal just reported the same facts about the 1,500 average annual attendance to the Pelican’s games in last week’s Sports Section of their paper. You are the one’s who need to do some research before you go to print.

    Do you RESEARCH anything you write or rely strictly on what your big advertisers spoon feed you?

  • Interested Observer September 1, 2006 at 8:30 am


    The best I can tell, all Mr. Outzen did was the following:

    Reprint your letter that you wanted all of Pensacola to read anyway (not copyrighted by the PNJ because they did not create it),

    Point out that you are uninformed about the current status of moving the sewer plant (it’s moving),

    Point out that you are also uninformed about the CRA’s ability to stockpile reserves (they can’t),

    Point out that you are additionally uninformed about how New Orleans is recovering (the Superdome will br ready to go in a couple of weeks while much of the lower 9th Ward still lacks basic infrastructure), and

    Point out that you must have some personal issue with Studer or you wouldn’t call him names on TV and sarcastically offer to rename the Civic Center after him.

    What exactly has Mr. Outzen said about you that is incorrect?

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