SOC Nichols hates Studer…has her facts wrong again

August 31, 2006

pink vadar Stop Our City leader Melanie Nichols has a problem with Quint Studer (Nichols swings at Studer). She attacks him again in her letter to the PNJ:

Don’t waste tax dollars

An average of 1,500 people attend the sub-minor-league ball games and they are currently closer to a larger population base. There is nothing wrong with the existing field built at the University of West Florida by taxpayers. We already have a multiuse facility downtown, with air conditioner, called the Civic Center, which has conference center space. Rename it the “Studer Center” and let’s save the taxpayers $40 million.

Wasting precious tax dollars is not an option for our poor community. Do you think the number one priority in New Orleans will be to dump $40 million in tax dollars on their stadium? I don’t. I think they will want to reinvest in damaged infrastructure to protect them from future economic collapse.

Downtown will never thrive without a dependable wastewater treatment plant. I haven’t forgotten how close we were to mandatory evacuation of all homes served by our existing plant.

A true park will cost much less than $40 million and would leave an available safety net should we need this money in an emergency.

Vote no on Sept. 5.

— Melanie A. Nichols



RO NOTE: CRA funds can’t be saved for a rainy day. They are mandated by law to be spent on projects in the district.

The plant is being moved – check out some of Jim McClellan’s comments on the Gulf1.com posts.

And by the way, New Orleans has repaired the Superdome so the Saints can play there in September.

The only facts she got right were the public portion of the project ($40 million), the date of the vote and her name.

Mel – read the papers, do some research and give up your fixation on Studer.

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