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Spencer apologizes for helicopter controversy

April 1, 2012

April 1, 2012
From Brian Spencer, City Councilman, District 6.

I offer my sincerest and deepest apology to those soldiers, veterans, their families and friends who have been offended by my position on the Cobra helicopter.

As a lifelong resident of our historic city, I am reminded of the importance of our military and the success and vibrancy they continue to contribute to the Pensacola area. I greatly regret that I misunderstood the magnitude of the significance and symbolism that this aircraft means to our warriors and their families.

Most importantly, it is my hope that there is no division within this city that we all love. It is my commitment as an individual in this community to work toward reconciliation and restoration with veterans that I admire, respect, and appreciate.

While there is no doubt that the impact of this issue has brought forth a lot of passion and engaged us in debate, let us begin the healing that is THE underlying component of our memorials to our veterans.

So, let’s work together and raise the needed funds for the clock tower for the 100th anniversary of Marine Aviation. Now is the time for Pensacola to shine with pride, honor, and dignity.

Brian Spencer

Respectfully submitted,
Brian Spencer

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