State Education Board votes to keep A.A. Dixon open

November 6, 2012

At today’s State Board of Education meeting in Boca Raton, the board unanimously voted to grant the appeal of termination by A. A. Dixon Charter School of Excellence in Escambia County. The waiver is a new process that allows a charter school with two consecutive F school grades to apply for waiver from closure and is valid for one year.

Though Dixon had made tremendous strides and had higher scores than two of Escambia County’s non-charter elementary schools, this past year was the second consecutive “F” for the school. Superintendent Malcolm Thomas and the School Board wanted to close the school, but the fortunately the state stepped in and prevented them from doing so. However, the state board had to grant a waiver for the school. Rev. Lutimothy May, head of the school’s board of trustees, made the presentation to the state board today.

Obviously the State Board of Education liked what they heard.

Congratulations to Rev. May and the principals, teachers, parents and students. It’s truly amazing what you have accomplished despite the efforts of some in the school district.

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