Strike Two: state attorney says no Sunshine violation on veto press conference

December 13, 2012

State Attorney has found no violation of the Sunshine Law during the Mayor’s press conference regarding his veto of a budget amendment.

Councilwoman Myers had filed a complaint against the mayor and her fellow councilmen who had attended in support of the mayor.

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  • CJ Lewis December 15, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    “Uh oh” – See Rick’s Rule #1 below. If that is your real name, your parents were very cruel to give you the first name “Uh” and last name “oh.”

    The issue makes a lot more sense if you’ve read the five page complaint that cites multiple Attorney General Opinions and case law also providing multiple exhibits to include press reports. Not included in the complaint was mention that Councilman Jerralds told a citizen that just before the press conference they’d been instructed by staff to make it not look like the Sunshine Law was being or had been violated. Why was that precaution taken? Councilman-elect Terhaar was present but not yet subject to the law. What did he see or is he not talking?

    However, if they truly did not break the Sunshine Law, and the Attorney General would be a far less political judge of the law that our local State Attorney’s Office, the accused must have slipped through one of those so-called “loopholes” Sam Hall told me the Council always uses to skirt the letter and spirit of the Sunshine Law. Hall was once caught in one of those loopholes having a private public meeting behind closed doors in City Hall with Commissioner Valentino.

    Councilman Wu certainly appeared to know at the time he’d done wrong. Almost rushing out of the building, staying apart from the other participants as instructed, Wu ran into Councilwoman Myers headed into City Hall for the Environmental Advisory Board meeting. Wu told Myers he didn’t know what the press conference was about, i.e. the press conference he’d just attended standing in political solidarity with his personal Strong Mayor. In fairness, it is possible Wu forgot during the elevator ride.

    The upside, and there’s always an upside to every City Council stunt if you look long enough and hard enough, is that Mayor Hayward has now made the best case yet for making the next Mayor a member of the City Council in 2014. In Charleston, Mayor Joe Riley, Jr. says of his city’s Mayor-Council government that it provides for “empowered citizens, accountable mayor, strong council.” In contrast, our Mayor is not even subject to recall from office under State law by the voters for misconduct, etc. Charleston’s City Council is strong because it is led by Mayor Riley who exercises no veto over City Council’s actions.

  • Uh oh December 13, 2012 at 10:28 pm

    What a waste of time and energy – again. Young McKenzie needs to get some BP work and stop wasting his time on these frivolous suits against the Mayor. How much longer will Papa cover his pro bono work for Occupy and Myers?