2012 Presidential Race Politics

Taco Bell’s Political Pressure?

October 30, 2012

Apparently, an area Taco Bell outlet may be weighing in on the current presidential election. An anonymous caller relayed an insertion she said employees of the Warrington Taco Bell recently received in their paychecks.

The insertion, she said, stated that the Affordable Care Act would cost the business $2,000 per 30-plus hour employee. It informed the employees that the new health care law could impact their jobs, possibly leading to reduced hours.

A general manager at the Warrington Taco Bell said she could not speak with the media, and provided a phone number to the franchise’s corporate headquarter. Attempts are still being made to reach someone at the headquarters.

The Warrington Taco Bell is owned by Southeast QSR, LLC., a company based in Georgia. The company also owns four other Taco Bell locations in the Pensacola area.

The local insertion apparently directed employees to the website www.restaurants-votes.com. The site deals with industry-specific policies, providing a position on policies which pertain to the food-service industry.

Prior to 2010, it was illegal for companies to engage employees in such a political context. Two years ago the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision overturned such laws.

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