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Sunday August 2nd 2015

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Former DOJ Civil Rights violated federal law

Earlier this month, the Department of Justice released a report on the hiring practices of the former head of its Civil Rights Division by the DOJ Inspector General Glenn Fine and Office of Professional Responsibility chief H. Marshall Jarrett. It says that the former head of the DOJ's Civil [...]

Cool picture of the Inauguration

Photographer David Bergman has a 1474 megapixel photo of President Obama's Inaugral address. You can focus on any face in the crowd...just give it a second or two for the faces to come into focus. This is amazing. Check it out here

Sorry, Obama’s birth certificate is real

Despite persistent Internet rumors to the contrary, the St. Petersburg Times stands firm on its conclusion that Barack Obama was indeed born in the United States. Their investigation went further than simply accepting a copy of the certificate. Read more.

White House gets new website

The Obama techie team has been hard at work redesigning the White House website. Check it out - here

Misdemeanors, maybe

The possible illegal campaign contributions by the Pensacola Port Users Association could lead to certain city council candidates being charged with misdemeanor crimes. In Florida, it is illegal for candidates to solicit campaign contributions from non-profit organizations. If the Port of [...]

Johnson wins, Marty gone

Larry B. Johnson took an early lead in the City Council District 4 run-off and never looked back. He beat incumbent Marty Donovan, 1296-819. Donovan got 37% of the vote in the Nov. 4 General Election. He got 39% in the run-off. It's a sound defeat - not of Whitehead proportions, but a solid [...]

Halcorp gives Townsend $750, too

Councilman Ronald Townsend also got $750 from Halcorp and its officers during this last campaign reporting period. Interestingly, fellow Councilman Marty Donovan gave him $150. Townsend reports that he spent $328.72 on food and drink, $100 to himself for gas, $40 to his son for working on the [...]

Johnson raises $10,983.02

Larry B. Johnson, who is facing Councilman Marty Donovan in a run-off tomorrow, reported a whopping $10,983.02 in contributions for this last report. Here's the list of contributors: Pensacola Professional Firefig,$500,Check Southern Eclectic LLC,$500,Check Michael Parker,$133,Check Mary [...]

Halcorp gives Donovan $750 before council vote

Councilman Marty Donovan got another $750 from Halcorp and its officers prior to the Nov. 20 vote to extend their lease at the Port of Pensacola. The funds were deposited into his campaign account on Nov. 12. Halcorp., Inc. $250.00 Sanford P. Brass (owner) $250.00 Joseph A. Mattingly, Jr. [...]

District 1 expenses

P.C. Wu: $3,832.70 Votes: 3,197 City of Pensacola: $189.98, filing fees Escambia County General Fund: $30.00, voter information WalMart: $24.51, labels, pens Postmaster: $215.00, postage WalMart: $24.00, labels Postmaster: $252.00, postage OfficeMax: $33.31, ink cartridge Domain Registry [...]

District 9 campaign expenses

Megan Pratt $37,984.65, Vote: 17,859 Postage: $16,659.86 Printing: $12,368.11 Yard signs: $5,136.00 T-shirts: $1,358.37 Mailing: $1,108.43 Party food: $430.43 Filing fee: $189.98 Newspaper ad: $176.00 Photos: $150.00 Team meeting food: $111.17 Petty Cash: $100.00 Post [...]

Pensacola Mayoral Race

Mike Wiggins Total: $25,0170.90 Votes: 16,065 Ad Agency: $8,581.63 Mail service: $5,889.54 Postcards: $3,999.14 Website: $2,000.00 Postage: $1,608.43 Fundraiser: $1,459.50 PNJ ad: $730.00 Photography: $375.00 Filing fees: $283.38 Data management: $130.10 Envelopes: $89.17 [...]

District 3 campaign expenses

Let's contrast District 7 with District 3. Maren DeWeese beat incumbent Mike DeSorbo, 2,541 to 2,220. DeSorbo spent in more in mailouts than DeWeese did in total. Heck, his advertising budget was almost as much as DeWeese's total. Lesson: Money doesn't win single member district races in the [...]

District 7 campaign expenses

Incumbent Ronald Townsend will be facing off against Hallmark Elementary teacher Jacci Shumaker on Nov. 25 for Pensacola City Council, District 7. Townsend spent over a quarter of his campaign funds on reimbursing family and friends for working on his campaign. Shumaker was very frugal spending [...]

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