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Thursday November 26th 2015

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PS Today: Tale of Two Charter Schools

Are all charter schools treated equally by Superintendent Malcolm Thomas? On Pensacola Speaks today, Rev. Lutimothy May will talk about his dealings with the superintendent when he tried to help a failing charter school, A. A. Dixon. In 2011, Superintendent Malcolm Thomas wanted to close [...]

ECARE, an Empty School and Dixon’s Journey

During its workshop today, the Escambia County School Board discussed reading progress within the district, the future of a closed campus and the progress of a struggling charter. Ashley Bodmer, executive director of Every Child A Reader in Escambia (ECARE), made a presentation to the school [...]

School District Workshop

With students still enjoying the last remnants of summer, The Escambia County School Board will hold its regular workshop tomorrow morning. In addition to normal business, the board will hear updates from two charter schools—A.A. Dixon and Newpoint Academy—and take a look at the Florida School [...]

A.A. Dixon Gets a Set of Wheels

A.A. Dixon Gets a Set of Wheels

Buses are something that most schools probably take advantage of, however the strain from renting them has cost A.A. Dixon Charter School of Excellence $150,000 a year on transportation. Board President, Rev. LuTimothy May took the task on of tracking buses at auctions. He found three, red-lined [...]

Dixon and the District and the ‘Steep Hill’

Dixon and the District and the ‘Steep Hill’

School district officials wanted to shut it down. It was $100,000 in the hole and labeled as “failing” by the state. But a semester down the road, A.A. Dixon Charter School of Excellence is still striving toward its goal. The Escambia County School District gave the charter one academic year [...]