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Tuesday October 6th 2015

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Viewpoint on Beach Master Plan

Viewpoint on Beach Master Plan

WITH HURRICANE ROUNDABOUT ON THE HORIZON, NOW IS THE TIME TO PREPARE A Viewpoint of the Pensacola Beach Master Plan By John F. Asmar As a lifelong resident of the Gulf Coast, we all know that hurricane season begins on June 1st. However, for residents of Escambia County, hurricane season is [...]

PNJ poopoos parking garage

The editorial brain trust at the Pensacola News Journal has come out against the proposed parking garage on Pensacola Beach. The lack of beach parking is what holds many of us back from enjoying Pensacola Beach on its busiest days. It is nearly impossible for a local to find parking to eat a [...]

20 years still no beach parking

20 years still no beach parking

The daily newspaper has an article on the Santa Rosa Island Authority asking the county commission for $10 million for more beach parking. The key paragraph that really speaks to local government's inability to act on an issue: The Island Authority has been talking for 20 years about the need [...]