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RESTORE Reminder

June 3, 2013

The Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council is hosting a meeting tonight in an effort to gather public input on an initial draft of its Comprehensive Plan: Restoring the Gulf Coast’s Ecosystem and Economy. The plan—which establishes…


RESTORE Council Coming to Town

May 28, 2013

The Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council recently released an initial draft of the Comprehensive Plan: Restoring the Gulf Coast’s Ecosystem and Economy, along with a draft environmental assessment. A meeting in Pensacola next week kicks off…


$58 Million for NRDA Projects

May 2, 2013

A number of Northwest Florida projects received funds today as part of the Natural Resource Damage Assessment process associated with the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Here is a press release from the governor’s office, with…

Jeremy's Notebook

Getting ‘Derailed’ with RESTORE

April 12, 2013

As the Escmabia County RESTORE Act Advisory Committee gets its feet wet, county officials have varying views on exactly how the body should function. “We’re a little concerned,” Interim County Administrator George Touart told the Escambia…

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Wading Into RESTORE

April 10, 2013

After dispensing with formalities earlier this month, the Escambia County RESTORE Act Advisory Committee got down to business Monday during its second engagement. “Does the light mean it’s on?” Committee Chair Bentina Terry motioned to her…

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Hobbs’ Reminder

March 22, 2013

Last night, Escambia County recognized Chasidy Hobbs for her service on the Citizens Environmental Committee. Commissioner Grover Robinson—who appointed Hobbs to the committee—also thanked her for her efforts in response to the BP oil spill. Hobbs…

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RESTORE Advisory Committee Meeting

March 21, 2013

Tomorrow afternoon, the Escambia County RESTORE Act Advisory Committee will hold it’s first meeting. The group will meet regularly thereafter. “I want them to meet about every two weeks for us to get our feet underneath…

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Don’t Think Twice (It’s Alright)

March 19, 2013

As Escambia County officials begin determining what went wrong with a tourism-incentive gift card program funded primarily through BP funds following the 2010 oil spill, Florida Senate President Don Gaetz has questioned the prudence of placing…

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Escambia’s RESTORE Vision

March 18, 2013

Looking forward to the Escambia County RESTORE Act Advisory Committee’s initial meeting, county commissioners had a discussion during last week’s Committee of the Whole meeting about the advisory board process and RESTORE funding in general. “I…


AMEX cards may not have been handed out as told

March 14, 2013

Chamber CEO Jim Hizer told his board last week that the process for handing out the AMEX gift cards was the visitor presented a hotel receipt and his driver’s license. Those were photocopied along with the…

BP Disaster Environment Escambia County

RESTORE Committee Outlined

March 12, 2013

During this week’s Escambia County Commission Committee of the Whole, the board will discuss the RESTORE Act advisory committee’s purpose and role. The following is an informational sheet included in the agenda packet. March 14, 2013…

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Valentino Vents

March 7, 2013

Escambia County Commission Chairman Gene Valentino learned about the mess over at the chamber of commerce a few days ago. “I’m a little disappointed with the whole thing,” he said this morning. “I don’t wish any…