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Saturday November 28th 2015

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How did Marty & Charlie try to defeat the park in 2006?

While working on another a project, I came across the mailer that Marty Donovan, Charlie Fairchild and Save Our City mailed out before the 2006 referendum - See it here. Their misrepresentations of the facts failed to defeat the Maritime Park. In 2006 - they overstated how much the city was [...]

What Charlie Fairchild said about Maritime Park in 2005

What Charlie Fairchild said about Maritime Park in 2005

The year was 2005. Pensacola had finished a series of town hall meetings on a proposed community maritime park. Charlie Fairchild, C.C. Elebash and Marty Donovan were working behind the scenes to defeat the project. I actually interviewed Fairchild in July 2005 about the project ("Save Our City," [...]

Donovan/Nobles petition update

It appears Marty Donovan and Jack Nobles are pursing their petition drive against the maritime park. Anne B. Bennett just dropped off a letter in support of Donovan and Nobles' effort. In the letter, Bennett says that petition supporters can call Marty's office and request a petition card or go by [...]

Donovan/Nobles petition, where is it?

Has anyone been asked to sign the Marty Donovan/Jack Nobles petition to rescind the Design-Build contract? Has anyone knocked on your door? Has a tent been set up at the Summit Blvd. recycle station? They are looking for a cute name for their political action committee. We suggest PATU --"Pay [...]

Charles Fairchild, secret partner with Donovan & Nobles

I acquired these emails from Save Our City & No Boss Mayor co-founder Charlie Fairchild to an out-of-town web designer. Looks like Charlie, Marty and Jack have been scheming hard while the rest of us have been fighting for this community. So sad---those guys can't stand being out of the limelight. [...]

Quote of the Day

"I firmly believe the voters are always right" - Charlie Fairchild Whenever you hear Charlie complain about the Community Maritime Park or the new charter, remember this quote. The voters are right and they didn't agree with Charlie on either issue.

New Agruments from Fairchild PAC

These are the latest arguments by the No Boss Mayor PAC against the proposed charter: 1. Only the mayor will have the executive power to enter into contracts, write and approve leases, and buy and sell land. ------The executive power for this now lies with the city manager. Not sure why [...]

Fairchild flip flops on referendum

Fairchild flip flops on referendum

I couldn't believe that I read in the daily newspaper that Charlie "Pac Man" Fairchild is against making it easier for the citizens to bring referendums to the voters and by opposing the proposed charter, Fairchild is also against recall votes on elected officials and other citizen [...]

Dissecting NBM arguments

A Charlie Fairchild press release is very predictable. If he attempts to defend his positions and those of his PAC, then you will find weak arguments filled with half-truths, points taken out of context and statement made to evoke fear and distrust....all of which can be dissected with simple logic [...]

No Boss Mayor overstates attendance

We received a press release from Charlie Fairchild & Don Caton's PAC - No Boss Mayor. In it, they claim 50 people attended the meeting. Jeff DeWeese, who is the treasurer of the pro-charter PAC, reports that only about 22 people were there. Sam Horton was not in attendance. Marty Donovan [...]

More buzz: Eagan fallout

The word we're getting off the record from city officials is that the effective fallout of the petition drive is that the City Council must postpone the bond issue for 60 days. The delay is going to put the Florida New Market Tax Credits ($2 million) at risk at the very least. Dick Barker is [...]

Once upon a time…

There was a time that Charlie Fairchild, the new head of the PAC against the proposed charter, regularly attacked city government....He labeled it "City Hall" so as to include city staff and the city council. He is quite a prolific letter and viewpoint writer to the daily newspaper. Here are some [...]