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Status of Maritime Park, Post-Studers

July 27, 2015

What’s next for the Community Maritime Park? Several questions need to be answered before the city puts the parcels back on the market. 1. Who markets the remaining eight parcels at the park? The CMPA Board…


Podcast: Studer tired of endless meetings and delays

July 17, 2015

After the Pensacola City Council’s special meeting, Quint Studer called into “Pensacola Speaks.” He is hopeful that the leases can be finalized soon, but he can only wait to see what instructions Mayor Ashton Hayward gives…


Missing pieces to MCM-BAP MOU puzzle

June 18, 2015

A few more odd points concerning the MCM-BAP MOU: 1) The cover letter is on MCM-BAP letterhead but addressed to Willy A. Bermello of Bermello Ajamil & Partners, Inc. and Eric Valderrama of MCM, Munilla Construction…


Mayor Hayward, CBRE against MCM-BAP proposal

June 18, 2015

Mayor Ashton Hayward -through his COO Tamara Fountain- has come out against the modified deal from a Miami developer for four parcels at the Maritime Park, according to an article published in the daily newspaper today.…


MCM-BAP deal falls apart

May 29, 2015

Another city deal appears to have fallen apart, according to Pensacola Today’s Shannon Nickinson. In her article “Choices for Maritime Park coming to City Council,” which was posted this morning, Nickinson reports that Michael McShea and…