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Feb 2008: County disarms the Bubbas

February 22, 2015

Seven years ago, Escambia County had to deal with armed code enforcement officers abusing their power. On Feb. 19, 2008, two days before the county commission voted to pay for the legal defense of its code…

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Coming Home to Roost (but no Roosters)

June 12, 2012

Backyard-chicken advocates encountered what Pensacola City Council President Sam Hall termed “a friendly council” Monday. The board unanimously decided to instruct city staff to explore loosening ordinances pertaining to raising chickens in city neighborhoods. The council…

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City Slicker Chickens

May 7, 2012

Running across the yard, the children play with their chickens. They are not on a farm, or in the rural wilds of Escambia County. The children and their chickens are nestled into the East Hill neighborhood…

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Last Call?

February 7, 2012

Pensacola officials are eyeing a lawsuit against the owners of Tom, Ann, Buddy’s. The corner bar has earned a nefarious reputation over the years and, more importantly in this case, racked up $22,738.50 in code enforcement…

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Tom, Ann, Buddy’s Foreclosure?

February 5, 2012

Pensacola City Council on Monday, will take up the issue of filing a lawsuit against the owners of Tom, Ann, Buddy’s. Frequently attracting the attention of authorities— recently a police officer shot a patron in the…

Is Walker out?

April 3, 2008

There is a persistent rumor that the head of Escambia County Code Enforcement is retiring. One source went as far as to say Charlie Walker was told to retire or he would be fired. We have…


More on Bubbas on Patrol

March 13, 2008

WEAR TV has picked up our story on code enforcement officers also becoming corrections officers. Dan Thomas reported: Code enforcement made a big splash in neighborhood like this one a few months ago when they did…

Lot owner pays $1100

March 11, 2008

Remember the story (Sept 2006) about a house being dumped on a lot on Lee and X Street. Otis English dumped the house without permission. English was hired to demolish the house. Instead, he hauled the…

CEOs are partners in recycling business

March 10, 2008

Code Enforcement Officers Sotiri Thagouras and Steve Littlejohn (who are the subjects of this week’s IN cover story – Bubbas on Patrol ) are partners in Environfirst Services Inc – a company that handles Catalytic Converter…

Memo: Combining Code and Corrections

March 10, 2008

….Looks like my rumor was true. Here is a memo we got from our public records request: To: Bob McLaughlin, County Administrator, Alison Perdue Rogers, County Attorney From: Ryan E. Ross, Assistant County Attorney Date: March…

Moving code enforcement

March 10, 2008

We heard over the weekend that there is some discussion inside the county government to move Code Enforcement under the Road Prison so that code enforcement officers can be re-classified as corrections officers and get their…


Bubbas disarmed and de-lighted

February 23, 2008

On Feb. 19, two days before the county commission voted to pay for the legal defense of its code enforcement officers, County Administrator Bob McLauglin sent a memo to Charlie Walker, head of code enforcement. The…


Bubbas on Patrol cases

February 23, 2008

Through a public record request, we received copies of the lawsuits against county code enforcement and the Sheriff Ron McNesby. There are common threads. Both cases involved Saufley Landfill, construction debris haulers, Charlie Walker and Sotirios…


County code enforcement

February 22, 2008

The 2007-08 budget for code enforcement is $2,454,000. It’s funded by fines and fees ($1,654,000), General Fund ($300,000) and Solid Waste ($500,000). Two years ago the budget was $1,296,349. Hmmmmm – budget has doubled. Must be…