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Wednesday April 1st 2015

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Poll: Hillary beats Jeb, Rubio and Ryan in 2016

Poll: Hillary beats Jeb, Rubio and Ryan in 2016

The newest national poll by Public Policy Polling shows Hillary Clinton with a wide lead both among Democratic primary voters and against most of the big Republican names thought to be top contenders for their party's presidential nomination in 2016. Fifty-seven percent of Democrats want Clinton [...]

Aronberg to run

State Senator Dave Aronberg (D-Greenacres) has announced that he will run for Florida Attorney General in 2010. He won't be the only Democrat running. Fellow State Senator Dan Gelber of Miami Beach and 2006 Dem. governor candidate Rod Smith may also file soon. According to one party insider, [...]

Will Obama grassroots organization last

The Obama ground game - an army of volunteers, an unprecedented get-out-the-vote effort and the heavy use of internet technologies - swept Barack Obama into office. Will this political machine stay in place to help other Democratic candidates in Congressional, U.S. Senate, state and local races in [...]

What I learn about Democratic Convention

This week on IN Your Head Radio I interviewed several media persons at the National Democratic Convention in Denver - Mike Papantonio, Farron Cousins of Go Left Tv, Kenneth Quinnell of Florida Progressive Coalition, David Bender of Air America Radio. This is what I learned: There is a strong [...]

Critique of Democrats good

I received this email from one local Democrat: Recently, there was an article in the In-Weekly asking if the locally Democratic Party can get their act together. Many Democrats probably wanted to offer some critiques and suggestions, but for the good of the party in an election year, they held [...]

Please stop, Hillary

From former chairman of the Escambia Couny Democratic Executive Committee, Ron Melton: It’s time Senator Clinton stopped her campaign for the presidency and told Democrats she will work hard to elect Senator Obama president. She’s run a strong, smart and tough campaign but it’s time to [...]

BAM! Obama will win nomination

Total Delegates: Barrack Obama 1815 Hillary Clinton 1672 North Carolina (99%) Obama 887,186 Clinton 654,484 Indiana (95%) Clinton 606,497 Obama 589,888 Read: Obama claims big N.C. victory Read: Clinton declares victory in Indiana

Dems resurrection

Dems resurrection

The local Democrats are getting uppity. They actually think that they can win a local race in Okaloosa County. Ahhhhh, the optimism of youth. Read Daily News: Confident Dems: 'We will win'

No Escambia County delegate for National Convention

The Democrats met last weekend to chose the official delegates to the National Democratic Convention. No one from Escambia County was selected. No one. Judy Byrne Riley, Niceville - Clinton delegate Bill Vincent,Gulf Breeze - Edwards delegate Naomi Hardison, Ft. Walton Beach - Obama [...]

Hillary will win Florida in November

Did you notice how many people voted for Hillary Clinton - 856,944 (6900 of 6913 precincts). GOP winner John McCain only got 693,425. Yes, more Republicans voted overall - 1,835,822 to 1,679,710 - but Democratic candidates didn't even campaign in the state. Hillary Clinton is a stronger [...]

Dems didn’t get much done in 2007

Dems didn’t get much done in 2007

The McClatchy Newspapers did a review of the 2007 Congressional year, and find the Democrats really didn't accomplish much. Democrats won control of both houses of Congress in a stunning 2006 election victory by vowing to wind down the Iraq war, marginalize President Bush, enact their agenda [...]

More GOP Congressmen in trouble

More GOP Congressmen in trouble

The Miami Herald has an article about two more Republican Congressmen in trouble for illegally profiting from their party leadership positions when the GOP held the majority in the House. On successive days, Wednesday and Thursday, Reps. John Doolittle (Calif.) and Rick Renzi (Ariz.) disclosed FBI [...]

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