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Tuesday July 28th 2015

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Ever’man Co-op Elections

Ever’man Natural Foods Co-op is currently holding an election for its Board of Directors. The election period runs from Feb. 1 through Feb. 14. Current members may vote online at http://www.everman.org. Members may also vote by mail; all members with an active, valid address should have [...]

League Pushes Elections Reform

As election supervisors across the state request that Gov. Rick Scott and state legislators reassess election laws, the League of Women Voters of Florida are joining the chorus for such change. “It is imperative that we put Florida’s election meltdowns behind us once and for all,” said [...]

Candidates Eat Breakfast With Gophers

Local political candidates enjoyed breakfast and coffee at New World Landing with the Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of Commerce’s Gopher Club this morning, before each was given a turn to speak before the group. Following breakfast, candidates from a handful of local races located their respective [...]

Primary Morning

Primary Morning

Standing at precinct 14, she waved to voters from underneath a green raincoat. The August primary had arrived. “I have been hyped all day,” said Clorissti Mitchell, a candidate for the District 3 seat on the Escambia County Utilities Authority. The candidate was making the rounds to the [...]

Pensacola City Council, At Large B

There are five Pensacola City Council seats up for grabs this election season. Two of those seats—including the At-Large B seat—will be on the ballot for the August primary. The At Large B seat currently belongs to Council President Sam Hall. He is being challenged by Charles Bare and Victor [...]

ECUA, District 3 Race

The ECUA, District 3 race is packed with four Democrats. In the August primary, voters will decide between incumbent Elvin McCorvey and challengers Calvin Avant, Benell English and Clorissti Mitchell. Elvin McCorvey Elvin McCorvey has sat in the District 3 seat since the 1990s. He’s asking [...]

ECUA, District 5

There are three ECUA, District 5 candidates looking for votes in the August primary election. Incumbent Larry Walker will go up against challengers Barry Tweedie and Charlou Williams; all three candidates are Republicans. There is no challenger awaiting the primary winner in November. Barry [...]

Sheriff’s Race Primer

Sheriff’s Race Primer

There are two candidates—and a write-in—vying for the Escambia County Sheriff’s seat. In the August 14 primary, incumbent David Morgan will face challenger John Russell Powell; both are Republican. The winner of the August primary will face write-in candidate Mindy Lynn Pare in [...]

3,800 Cast Early Votes

With a few more days of early voting left, approximately 3,800 voters have casts their ballots in Escambia County. “Early voting’s going pretty well,” said Escambia County Supervisor of Elections David Stafford. Early voting began Jan. 21 and will end at 5 p.m. Saturday. Voters can take [...]

What to expect in the mayor’s race

What to expect in the mayor’s race

Conventional political wisdom says that an incumbent must have 45 percent of the primary vote to win a run-off. If this holds true, then Mike Wiggins is in trouble. However, there are a few mitigating factors: 1. The run-off is more than 60 days away--plenty of time for Wiggins to shore up [...]

Crist withholds funds for Panhandle

Crist withholds funds for Panhandle

Gov. Charlie Crist will be on Pensacola Beach tomorrow for an appearance on Fox & Friends around 7:15 a.m. Shortly after that national TV appearance, Crist will announce that none of the $25 million that BP is giving the state for tourism will come to Escambia County... unless the county matches [...]

Scarborough thinks Crist can win as I

Scarborough thinks Crist can win as I

On Morning Joe today, Joe Scarborough said that Florida is a state where an Independent can win a statewide race if he has the money and name recognition to mount a strong campaign. Gov. Charlie Crist has both. Scarborough described challenger Marco Rubio as a superstar among Conservatives, as [...]

Buzz: City musical chairs

Buzz: City musical chairs

This is the buzz on the Pensacola city elections. We are expecting to see people file for the mayor's race before the end of the month. Mayor Mike Wiggins appears to be ready to make a run at strong mayor. Council member Diane Mack may even announce today that she is running for mayor. If [...]

Suter is a headache

Suter Elementary parents refuse to quietly go away....especially when it comes to possible closure of their highly successful, but small, neighborhood school. It could be the issue that undoes Patty Hightower's re-election bid for her School Board seat. Monday, Hightower, school administrators [...]

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