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Saturday November 28th 2015

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Health and Environment before the RESTORE Act Advisory Committee

Adding to the body of knowledge intended to guide them in their eventual project recommendations, the Escambia County RESTORE Act Advisory Committee heard from speakers who highlighted issues in public health and the local environment on Monday. “Health status is more than just health [...]

Pensacola a Site in 350.org’s “Draw the Line” National Environmental Action

Pensacola a Site in 350.org’s “Draw the Line” National Environmental Action

On Saturday, Pensacola will be one of over 220 locations in the U.S. and Canada holding gatherings as part of 350.org's "Draw the Line on Keystone XL" event. The environmental group is calling Saturday a "National Day of Action," one in which 350 Pensacola, the local chapter of 350.org, will [...]

Study Finds Toxic Metal Concentrations in Gulf Whales Are Likely the Highest In the World

Study Finds Toxic Metal Concentrations in Gulf Whales Are Likely the Highest In the World

The sperm whales of the Gulf of Mexico have higher levels of chromium and nickel in their systems than sperm whales found anywhere else in the world, according to the preliminary analysis of Operation Toxic Gulf, a joint venture between Ocean Alliance and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. This [...]

Operation Toxic Gulf: Final Port Call, Presentation, and Boat Tours

Operation Toxic Gulf: Final Port Call, Presentation, and Boat Tours

This Sunday, August 4, Open Books will host the final presentation of the summer from the Operation Toxic Gulf crew, who are currently wrapping up the last leg of their 2013 study. Representatives from Ocean Alliance and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will present photographs and results of [...]

One Week Left to Bring Award-Winning Documentary to Pensacola

Those interested in seeing the award-winning documentary "Chasing Ice" locally, on the big screen, have until next Thursday, July 25 to reserve a ticket. If enough tickets are reserved within the week, the film will be shown at Carmike Bayou 15 on Thursday, August 1 at 6 p.m. The film's lauded [...]

Open Books Hosts Operation Toxic Gulf and Renowned Whale Biologist This Friday

This Friday, July 12, at 7 p.m., members of Operation Toxic Gulf will discuss their current work in the Gulf of Mexico at Open Books, 1040 N. Guillemard St. The crew of the Research Vessel Odyssey--including whale biologist Dr. Roger Payne--pulled into port last week, and opened their ship to [...]

“Whale Wars” Team in Port at Pensacola, Assisting with Gulf Whale Survey

“Whale Wars” Team in Port at Pensacola, Assisting with Gulf Whale Survey

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS), perhaps most famously known as the conservation group featured on Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars,” is currently assisting Ocean Alliance with sperm whale research in the Gulf of Mexico. Fresh from a stint in the Antarctic, Hillary Watson and Eliza [...]

350 Pensacola Talk: Evolution of Activism

Local environmental group 350 Pensacola is hosting a discussion tomorrow evening entitled The Evolution of Activism. The talk, focusing on “how to create environmental and community change,” will be presented by local activist Tom Garner. The speaker will draw from his own experiences to [...]

Idle No More

Idle No More—an indigenous-rights and environmental group based in Canada—will be holding events locally this week. The group is holding three separate events, each with its own focus. The organization was formed last year by members of the First Nations—Metis and Inuit people of [...]

RESTORE’s Mr. Green

RESTORE’s Mr. Green

A collection of local environmental organizations have selected Christian Wagley to represent environmental concerns on the Escambia County Commission’s RESTORE Act advisory committee. Wagley, who owns Sustainable Town Concepts, an environmentally focused consulting firm, said he considers [...]

County Looks for Lorax

Escambia County needs someone to represent environmental concerns on an advisory committee being formed to prioritize uses for the expected RESTORE Act money. The county commission is forming a RESTORE Act advisory council ahead of the Gulf Coast’s expected financial windfall connected with [...]

A More ‘Walkable, Bikeable’ Pensacola

An environmental group will implore the Pensacola City Council to implement policies that foster a more sustainable city. Sustainable Gulf Coast/Pensacola 350 will present A Citizen’s Proposal: Global Problem, Local Solutions. The group would like to see the city adopt strategies that [...]

ECUA Puts “Green” Vehicle On Road

This week the Emerald Coast Utilities Authority introduced a new hybrid sanitation vehicle to its fleet—hoping to cut costs and help the environment by using less fuel and improving vehicle brake life. The Peterbilt Model 320 HLA vehicle, which ECUA bought for $174,500, was initially a demo [...]

Wind Warrior

Since the beginning of July, John MacTaggart has been cycling across the country to promote the idea of wind-assisted vehicles. But the bike he’s been riding isn’t your typical geared road cruiser; it’s a complex cycling contraption he and his father designed called a [...]

Sink calls for economic protections during special session

Sink calls for economic protections during special session

Press Release: Florida CFO Alex Sink today sent a letter to Speaker of the Florida House Larry Cretul and President of the Florida Senate Jeff Atwater outlining incentives, claims changes, and environmental initiatives necessary to protect Florida’s economy for inclusion in the July 20-23 [...]

Perdido Pass system is working

From Thompson Engineering: As most of you are aware, over the past few weeks, Thompson Engineering has been under contract to install a prototype steel boom and piling system at Perdido Pass to assist in the oil collection as a first line of defense against incoming hydrocarbon product to the [...]

Email on BP in Bayou Chico

To the Pensacola City Council (which doesn't meet again until July 19): I live in a townhouse on Mahogany Mill Pond, and I am very concerned about the Bayou Chico BP decontamination operation to be located at the old Runyons facility. Bayou Chico is a recovering Bayou, with an interesting mix [...]

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