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Friday July 31st 2015

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EPA Grants DeSoto Canyon Drilling Amendment

EPA Grants DeSoto Canyon Drilling Amendment

The Environmental Protection Agency has granted an Australian oil company a revision to its Gulf of Mexico drilling permit that allows for an increased amount of emissions. The decision follows an extended public comment period and June 27 public hearing in Pensacola. “It seems like it’s [...]

Singing the Drilling-Blues Down at the Library

Singing the Drilling-Blues Down at the Library

Environmentalists are at the Pensacola downtown library, waving signs and singing songs. They are protesting an oil company’s request to waive emission standards for a Gulf of Mexico drilling operation. The environmentalists are also awaiting the public hearing they pressed the Environmental [...]

Local EPA Hearing on Gulf Drilling Permit

The Environmental Protection Agency has scheduled a public hearing on BHP Billiton Petroleum’s request to waive current emission regulations in pursuit of oil and natural gas in the Gulf of Mexico’s DeSoto Canyon. The hearing is scheduled for Thursday in Pensacola, about 125 miles from BHP’s [...]

Greener, Leaner Escambia

After a year-long effort to reduce its energy consumption, Escambia County has earned its star—its Energy Star. The Escambia County Central Office Complex has been awarded a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star certification. The facility is now listed on the agency’s [...]

Superfund Shuffle

Escambia County will be handing off some toxic assets this week. The move should set the stage for brighter days. “It’s more of what I call a clean up thing,” said Escambia County Administrator Randy Oliver. “You know the old expression: it’s not over until the paper work is [...]

Beach Resident reacts to Health Department’s Advisory

It was distressing to read the article on the front page of the Pensacola News Journal today in which it was reported that John Lanza lifted the health advisory for Pensacola Beach. John Lanza is the Director of the Escambia County Health Department which is charged with protecting the health and [...]

Ponies & Balloons Act…we are expendable to BP

Kindra Arnesan, wife of one of the fisherman who became ill while working the BP clean-up effort, speaks out. She gave this speech at a Gulf Emergency Conference. See the transcript and you will see what "ponies & balloons" means. I have bolded it. Transcript of speech (via Democratic [...]

Sen. Gaetz gives Disaster Update

For Immediate Release June 22, 2010 4:30 p.m. CST Latest Oil Spill Developments Dear Neighbor, As dime to five inch-sized tar balls and tar “patties” continue to slowly inundate the Northwest Florida coastline, officials with the United States Coast Guard, British Petroleum, the [...]

Now Crist asks for $100M from BP

Now Crist asks for $100M from BP

On May 17, Gov. Charlie Crist had in his office BP CEO Tony Hayward. Instead of pressing for money for the oil clean-up, the Florida governor only got $25 million from the CEO ---for tourism advertising, not hard expenses. This weekend---nearly three weeks later- Crist demands $100M from BP. What [...]

Latest BP Update, with subtitles, notes

Latest BP Update, with subtitles, notes

As of May 18 UNDERWATER ----Subtitle “Don’t expect it to be stopped any time soon.” . The riser insertion tube tool (RITT) containment system is estimated to be collecting and carrying about 2,000 barrels a day (b/d) of oil to flow up to the drillship Discoverer Enterprise on the surface [...]

Miller wants EPA to speed up dispersant approval

Miller wants EPA to  speed up dispersant approval

"Our" Congressman Jeff Miller isn't pushing for stricter safety regulations for BP. No, Miller is upset with EPA. In his newsletter, Miller writes "the EPA must speed up its approval of applying chemical dispersant at the source of the leak. The agency’s slow testing of this process is [...]

Daily Drilling Report for Deepwater Horizon

Daily Drilling Report for Deepwater Horizon

The Daily Drilling Report reveals what may have caused the explosion. According to BP, “before, during or after the cement job, an undetected influx of hydrocarbons entered the wellbore.” In other words, there was a breach somewhere in well integrity that allowed methane gas and possibly [...]

State has BP $25 million; none reaching local level

State has BP $25 million; none reaching local level

I confirmed yesterday with the office of Florida CFO Alex Sink that the state has received the $25-million block grant from British Petroleum. However, local officials are getting frustrated with the state bureaucracy, particularly Florida Department of Environmental Protection. No money has [...]

Containment box 200 ft. above leak

According to NPR, the containment structure was most recently reported as just 200 feet above the leak. Reuters reports the 98-ton structure is suspended just over the leak while crews using remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) prepare for the final placement. Remember this has never been done. [...]

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