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Sunday November 29th 2015

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Weekend Buzz: FDOT battle, EDATE Heaven, Federal exemption at risk

Weekend Buzz: FDOT battle, EDATE Heaven, Federal exemption at risk

Fight Over Bayou & 12th FDOT is proposing to delete the intersection of Bayou and 12th Avenue from its funded programs. Barbara Mayall and others are concerned, but have been assured that the decision is not final. The key will be public input. Jim Boxold, FDOT Chief of Staff, wrote [...]

ECSO proposes $4 million budget cut

Sheriff David Morgan has proposed a reduced budget for 2009-10 - $74,681,845. This is a $4.036 million budget cut, 5.1 percent reduction. Elimination of Helicopters $800K Replace Jail Health Contract with in-house service $1.8M Renegotiate Food Services Contract $100K Retirements in this year [...]

McLaughlin exacts revenge on ECSO?

The Escambia County is getting two Byrne Grants. The Byrne Grants give federal assistance to state and local law-enforcement agencies to fight crimes. The funds can used for Law enforcement programs; Prosecution and court programs; Prevention and education programs; Corrections and community [...]

Anderson post confirmed

The Pensacola News Journal confirmed my post about Cindy Anderson becoming the new assistant county administrator of Escambia County. Carlton Proctor reports that Escambia County Administrator Bob McLaughlin plans to ask the County Commission to name Santa Rosa County's top economic development [...]

Where is Perkins coming from?

It's both perplexing and disturbing that ECUA board member Dale Perkins tried to do an end run around the consolidation effort and get the Emerald Coast Utility Authority excluded from the study. 1) ECUA could not have moved the Main Street Sewage Treatment Plant without funds from both the City [...]

Buzz: Proposed wording of Perkins amendment

According to our sources, this is the wording of the amendment Dale Perkins is proposing to the consolidation bill: "Neither the consolidation plan nor the commission shall consider, discuss, or propose the consolidation of any entity other than Escambia County, the City of Pensacola, and the [...]

Two big meetings today

This morning at the Extension offices, the Escambia County Board of County Commissioners is meeting to discuss the 2009-10 budget. The BOCC who failed to get Sheriff Ronnie McNesby to make any significant cuts in his budget over the past eight years wants to the new sheriff, David Morgan, make [...]

Inside PD Owens reorganization

Much was made of the massive reorganization of the District 1 Public Defender's office. However, documents given to IN reveal the new Public Defender James Owens has added more attorneys, reduced support staff and saved the taxpayers $233,799 in payroll. Two of the former employees that PNJ [...]

Pay to quit plan

Last year the county commissioners paid about 50 senior leaders $2.7 million to quit. This year, the county is considering pay $4 million to get some 370 more county employees to quit. Who else gets such a deal? Isn't it nice that county government can use its reserves and our tax dollars to [...]

What took DOJ so long to investigate ECSO

Why did it take six years for the Department of Justice to investigate the first complaint against the Escambia County Sheriff's Office and three years to investigate the second? National Public Radio may have the answer. On Dec. 12, 2008, NPR did broadcast a story on how the Civil Rights [...]

Firefighters protest Whitfield hiring

This letter is from the Escambia County Professional Firefighters Union to the Escambia County Commission: This letter is in opposition to the recent appointment process of Chief Robbie Whitfield to the position of Deputy Chief. Robbie Whitfield did not go through a reasonable hiring process to [...]

Bigger oops, Whitfield fired by Santa Rosa sheriff

The man the Escambia County Commission wants to make the Deputy Fire Chief - Robert Paul Whitfield, Jr. - was fired by the Santa Rosa County Sheriff on Dec. 22, 2005. He was fired for untruthfulness and for misdirecting action of the fellow officer under investigation. Whitfield was a Lieutenant at [...]

Oops, who does county hiring?

Last week, the daily newspaper announced that Robbie Whitfield was named the new deputy fire chief for Escambia County at the Tuesday, Jan. 13 retreat of the county commission. The only problem is the County's HR department was still accepting applications for the job. The application deadline was [...]

Ingram files first

Press Release: Clay Ingram to run for Florida House of Representatives Vows to fight for Escambia County's future PENSACOLA-Escambia County native Clay Ingram has filed to run for the Florida House of Representatives, District 2. Ingram cited his concerns about the future of Escambia [...]

Gas tax for education?

Yesterday the IN reported that Escambia All for One is putting together an effort to save the K-8 Carver School in Century that is scheduled to close next year. The group is in talks with County Commissioners and the Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of Commerce to try and pull $400,000 a year from the [...]

McLaughlin stays

The Escambia Board of County Commissioners held a retreat yesterday on Pensacola Beach at the Hilton. One topic discussed was whether or not the commissioners wanted Bob McLaughlin to continue as the county administrator. The consensus was McLaughlin should stay on for at least another year.

Oops, Ford isn’t getting any Speaker buzz

The local Republicans gave as important reason to re-elect Clay Ford was that he would be the Speaker of the Florida House by 2012 or 2014 (his last term). The St. Pete Times doesn't list him as a credible candidate for either year. Rep. Dean Cannon may have already been tapped as House Speaker [...]

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