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Tuesday March 31st 2015

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4-H Confusion?

4-H Confusion?

Two Escambia County commissioners are appearing hesitant to pull the trigger on moving forward with the planned 4-H center on Stefani Road. “There’s such a misunderstanding out there,” Commissioner Wilson Robertson said during this morning’s work session. “We should not do anything [...]

Commission Jumps Into 2013

The first Escambia County Commission meeting of 2013 is scheduled for tomorrow, with commissioners taking up a range of issues, including the search for a county administrator and restructuring of the RESTORE Act advisory committee. Since firing the former county administrator in the fall, the [...]

How to be a better elected official in 2013

How to be a better elected official in 2013

Forbes has published a slideshow on how employees can be better. I've adapted the 14 points for elected officials. 1. Anticipate your district's needs. What are the issues in your district? Not your issues--theirs. 2. Get to know your constituents better. Reach out to your neighborhoods. Go [...]

At-Large RESTORE Seats

The Escambia County Commission is looking for people to sit on its RESTORE Act advisory committee’s two at-large seats. In an effort to assess potential uses for Escambia’s portion of money realized from Clean Water Act fines levied against BP for the 2010 oil spill, the county commission is [...]

County Looks for Lorax

Escambia County needs someone to represent environmental concerns on an advisory committee being formed to prioritize uses for the expected RESTORE Act money. The county commission is forming a RESTORE Act advisory council ahead of the Gulf Coast’s expected financial windfall connected with [...]

Wilson’s Town Hall

Wilson’s Town Hall

Escambia County Commissioner Wilson Robertson will host a town hall meeting tomorrow night. The meeting will include a discussion about the upcoming Merlin Road drainage project and will conclude with an open forum. Lately, the District 1 commissioner has taken to speaking openly about his [...]

Commission Aims for Library & Gas Taxes

Continuing the currently unfolding discussion regarding funding for the West Florida Public Library system, the Escambia County Commission agreed this morning to move forward with activating a dedicated library tax and taking over management of the system. “We’re biting off a big one here, [...]

Touart’s Return

George Touart is returning to county government. In a move Escambia County Vice Chairman Gene Valentino described as a way to keep the county “moving forward in a positive way,” the county commission named the former county administrator as interim administrator. “It’s a patch on the [...]

On the County’s Plate

During its morning work session, the Escambia County Commission’s discussion ranged from boxing regulations to development regulations, from library funding to preparing to battle it out with the state over RESTORE money. One item on tonight's agenda that was not discussed was the county [...]

Life After Randy

With Randy Oliver gone, the Escambia County Commission must now decide who will take the reins as County Administrator. “I really can’t tell you for sure,” said Commission Chairman Wilson Robertson recently. During the board’s meeting Thursday, commissioners will delve into the issue. [...]

Randy Has Left the Building

Randy Has Left the Building

If you must attend your own funeral, take leave once the coffin is nailed shut. It can get awkward after that. Following the Escambia County Commission’s termination vote, Randy Oliver stood from his chair and left the chambers. His days as county administrator were over. “I’d like to [...]

County Cliffhanger

With the crackle of anticipation in the room nearly audible, the Escambia County Commission work session this morning progressed uneventfully. The public evaluation, and possible firing, of County Administrator Randy Oliver will be handled during the board’s regular meeting later in the [...]

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