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Sunday November 29th 2015

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ECSO Seeks Possible Witness to Weekend Homicide

ECSO Seeks Possible Witness to Weekend Homicide

Press Release: Escambia Sheriff’s Investigators are seeking a possible witness to the September 13, 2014 homicide of 50-year-old Phuong Nguyen Truong. The witness is described as a white male in his mid to late 40’s, between 5-8” and 5’9” tall and weighing between 150-180 pounds. He [...]

Thomas says school marshals may be in the future for Escambia elementary schools

Thomas says school marshals may be in the future for Escambia elementary schools

Escambia County School Superintendent Malcolm Thomas told his school board at special workshop on Thursday that he has talked with local law enforcement about establishing a school marshal program to provide security for the elementary schools. The marshals would be primarily retired military, [...]

Miracle Camp, a labor of love

Miracle Camp, a labor of love

I spent Thursday morning at Sacred Heart's Miracle Camp. My daughters Cat and Tricia, along with their husbands Mike and Tom and their friends, have put on a special summer camp for the past three years for kids suffering from arthritis. They even been able to enlist the help of the Escambia County [...]

Morgan starts to assemble team

Escambia Sheriff-elect David Morgan has named Lt. Bill Chavers as his Chief Deputy, a position last held by Larry Smith under McNesby. Chavers started with the Pensacola Police Department in 1974 and moved over to ECSO in 1982. Morgan also announced Darlene Dickey, former deputy, will remain the [...]

Morgan has a plan

During his campaign, Sheriff-elect David Morgan outlined his plans for the Escambia County Sheriff's Office. The daily newspaper has packaged those campaign promises into an article. 1. Hiring more deputies - Go from 228 on patrol to 290-295. 2. Restructuring the sheriff's office - 65% of ECSO [...]

Copy of Morgan letter to Commissioners

Read the letter: consolidate-and-oversight-of-accounting-functions-david-morgan-11-5.pdf

Sheriff-to-be Morgan calls for audit

David Morgan has sent a letter to the Escambia County Commission telling them he wants to move the Escambia County Sheriff's Office accounting, budgeting and finances under the County Comptroller Ernie Lee Magaha. Prior to the transfer, Morgan wants an independent audit of the Escambia County [...]

BTW: Wells retired

Rusty Wells who is currently an assistant City Attorney and part-time attorney ($60K) for the Escambia County Sheriff's office retired in August 2004 and is in the DROP program. He is considered the favorite of the Pensacola City Council to replace John Fleming as the City Attorney. By being in [...]

City attorney candidate works for ECSO, too

Asst. City Attorney William "Rusty" Wells - and candidate to replace John Fleming as the City Attorney for Pensacola. Wells has a dual career. He supposedly works 40+ hours a week for the City and is paid $125,403.20 (using June 2007 figures). Wells works an additional 20 hours a week for the [...]

ECSO more expensive than Mobile County

From April 24 Outtakes: What McNesby doesn't say is the budget for just the sheriff's department, $47,952,633, is more than double the budget of Mobile County, Alabama's Sheriff's Office, $17,858,340. Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochrane also runs his county's jail for nearly $8 million less than [...]

What’s wrong with Escambia County

What’s wrong with Escambia County

Last night's county commission meeting is the perfect example. A contractor - who has made hundreds of thousands from the county in the Hurricane Ivan clean-up and who employs the former county administrator's son (or at least he did at one time) - has a huge pit next to a subdivision that he [...]

McNesby budget under public scrutiny

Over and over again, I hear discontent in the community with the Escambia County Sheriff's budget - that has increased over 30 percent since Ron McNesby took office. It's good that McNesby and his buddy George Touart are talking about cuts and savings through consolidation because the public wants [...]

HIP squad on patrol

HIP squad on patrol

The Escambia County Sheriff's Office has a new unit that will fight crime during this holiday season - High Intensity Patrol unit (HIP). The Hippies (our name for them - not the ECSO) will patrol mall parking lots in hopes of curbing car burglaries and parking lot muggings. The HIP Squad missed [...]

Free, free at last

Sheriff Ron McNesby pleads no contest to charges that stem from a 2004 hunting trip in Wisconsin. The judge adjudicates McNesby guilty of two counts of illegal hunting/possession of game/birds and placing bait with nondegradable material. McNesby has to pay a fine of about $2,500, and his hunting [...]

King press conference not for us

King press conference not for us

Rev. Hugh King's press conference really wasn't for the white community or the press. It was to defend himself in front of his congregation and the African-American community. There is a strong feeling among blacks in Pensacola and Escambia County that their most outspoken leaders are targeted by [...]

Brownsville, Blackburn and gangs

Brownsville resident says in this David Morgan campaign ad that Brownsville is back to where it was before the ECSO 's Operation Brownsville. Homeowner Jerry Jones describes a late night drive through along Garnet Circle. Gang members shout, "We have the hood." Jones also talks about Lt. Rex [...]

ECSO top heavy

Escambia County Sheriff's Office appears to be top heavy when you compare it to the operations at the Pensacola Police Department. City of Pensacola has 112 police officers with salaries ranging from $32,491 to $58,479. The Sheriff (excluding detention and court security) has 154 deputies [...]

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