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Tuesday October 13th 2015

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Posts Tagged ‘Florida primary’

Mitt’s Pancake Pep Rally

Mitt’s Pancake Pep Rally

Most of the folks attending this morning’s Mitt Romney rally in Pensacola seemed a lot like Romney. They were polished and sharp and dashing. Flashing aggressively friendly smiles, the Saturday morning crowd flocked to the Fish House in their Sunday best. They brought signs and cameras and [...]

John McCain and the ‘Best Chance’ Breakfast

When GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney dips into town tomorrow morning for breakfast, he’ll be bringing along Sen. John McCain. The Arizona senator snagged the party’s nomination from Romney in 2008, but supports the Republican contender this time around. “I think he’s got the wind [...]

Florida: “Political Walmart

Florida: “Political Walmart

Boston Globe DC bureau chief Peter Cannellos sees potential doom and gloom with Florida's early primary move: "...That's why Florida's move is potentially damaging. With its now-routine ballot controversies, single-issue voting blocs, and big-money media markets saturated with campaign ads, [...]