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Counties fight back

March 9, 2007

Florida county governments are fighting back on property taxes, according to this article in the Miami Herald: Yes, county budgets have ballooned since the real-estate boom, but the money has gone into police, security and the…


And then there was one

February 28, 2007

And that one is Dave Murzin. As soon as W.D. Childers left the state legislature, its leaders set up the Panhandle districts to keep weaken Escambia County’s representation. All the districts were craved up to include…


Bense kicked off FSU board

January 24, 2007

Gov. Charlie Crist has decided to not go thru with Jeb Bush’s last minute appointment of former House Speaker Allan Bense to the Florida State University Board of Trustees. Bense’s appointment was one of 283 made…


Legislature has property insurance plan

January 22, 2007

Key legislators reached a final compromise Sunday night on how to solve Florida’s property insurance woes.Full House and Senate will vote today on the plan. Private insurance companies: Private insurers, which cover more than half of…


Telephone surveys being done

January 12, 2007

We’re getting calls that pollsters have been calling area voters on the District 3 race. Here are some of the questions: As things stand now, how likely are you to vote in the special election for…


House District 3 who’s who

January 2, 2007

Not all of these have announced: Democrats: Liz Campbell: High name recognition. Ran a strong race against Holly. Front runner for Dems – unless Dee Dee Ritchie enters the race John Jerralds: Has strong standing in…


Telephone polling: Bush brothers, Crist, WalMart

December 14, 2006

Participated in my first statewide telephone. Questions asked involved rating: Gov. Jeb Bush’s 8 years Bill Nelson and Mel Martinez The Florida Legislature President Bush What I expect of Gov-elect Charlie Crist Plus: What I considered…


Romney names Floridians to PAC

December 11, 2006

THREE NAMED TO PAC’S FLORIDA STEERING COMMITTEE Boston – Governor Mitt Romney’s Commonwealth PAC today named three key individuals to its Florida Steering Committee.  Florida’s current Lt Gov Toni Jennings, former Florida House Speaker Allan Bense,…


Broward/Palm Beach New Times: Crist denies tryst

October 26, 2006

The GOP staffer, 21-year-old Jason Wetherington, told friends at separate social functions in August that he had sex with Crist, according to two credible and independent sources who heard Wetherington make the claim first-hand. Wetherington, who…


Katherine Harris quote of the week

October 16, 2006

“I had always thought `poli’ means `many,’ and `tics’ means `blood sucking insects. So I barely understood why the separation of church and state is so bad.” —Katherine Harris, GOP candidate for U.S. Senate. Kat is…


Bill Nelson is luckiest man alive

October 10, 2006

GOP candidate for U.S. senate Katherine Harris declared yesterday( ) that she want barriers to oil drilling off U.S. coastlines lowered and attacked Nelson for blocking a bill that would have opened up drilling in the…


Harris says Nelson not Christian enough

October 9, 2006

Republican candidate for U.S. senate Katherine Harris badly wants to make religion an issue in her campaign against heavily-favored incumbent Bill Nelson. In an interview published by a Christian news service, Harris said incumbent Democratic Sen.…


Martini Night: Dem Studds was as bad as Foley

October 5, 2006

Last night: one Martini Night guest argued that Rep. Studds, a Democrat, had a similar scandal in 1983. Here are the facts:In 1983 Gerry Studds (D-MA) was excused of having sex with a 17-year-old male page…