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Saturday November 28th 2015

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EOC: Where is the $50 million?

The state of Florida has been given $50 by BP to assist counties deal with the BP oil disaster. Ten weeks after the explosion at Deepwater Horizon, Escambia County has been told that will get $1.9 million. Commissioner Grover Robinson is still fighting for three belt skimmers to fight the oil in [...]

BP walks out of Crist’s Oil Spill Meeting

Yesterday, Gov. Crist held an Oil Spill Economic Recovery Task Force Meeting at the University of West Florida. According to reports I received from the meeting, BP was there in full force. BP VP of Resources Darryl "What you talkin' about" Willis made a presentation on the claims process. After [...]

Beach Resident reacts to Health Department’s Advisory

It was distressing to read the article on the front page of the Pensacola News Journal today in which it was reported that John Lanza lifted the health advisory for Pensacola Beach. John Lanza is the Director of the Escambia County Health Department which is charged with protecting the health and [...]

Ponies & Balloons Act…we are expendable to BP

Kindra Arnesan, wife of one of the fisherman who became ill while working the BP clean-up effort, speaks out. She gave this speech at a Gulf Emergency Conference. See the transcript and you will see what "ponies & balloons" means. I have bolded it. Transcript of speech (via Democratic [...]

Pensacola Beach – CNN’s Building Up America

"Today is the first official day of summer, but across the Gulf Coast, beaches sit empty. People who depend on tourism dollars are wondering how they're going to make ends meet. But in Florida, most of the state's beaches are still untouched by the oil. Businesses are banding together to get the [...]

News: Has BP disaster saved Crist?

The Daily Beast also reports: Once left for dead in his Senate campaign against Marco Rubio, Florida governor Charlie Crist has used the BP spill to show leadership and rise in the polls. ...It would be a painful irony for the GOP if the oil slick approaching the nation’s shores caused one of [...]

On TLC Tonight

I will be on TLC tonight for a show about the Billings murders - 9 pm Central; 10 pm Eastern. Home Invasion Murders: The Billings and The Petits TV-PG (SV), CC It's every family's worst nightmare: the home you once considered safe and secure is the site of a terrible crime. The Petit family [...]

News: Okaloosa County awaits BP oil onslaught

Northwest Florida Daily News reports: As Walton County beaches witnessed their heaviest showing of tar balls to date, Okaloosa officials are gearing up for a second strong wave of weathered oil to hit shores Monday. Read more.

Problem on Alabama side of Key

Problem on Alabama side of Key

Spoke last night with Commissioner Gene Valentino who drove late yesterday an ATV on the beach from Perdido Pass to Eden Condominiums. He said that the Alabama side had "dinner table size" mats of oil mousse on the beach. The Florida side was peppered with tarball specks...and that wasn't [...]

Why only $5000?

Yesterday, Lucia Bustamonte become the first BP representative to answer questions at an EOC press conference. I asked her how do BP come up with $5000 as the threshold for quick claim processing? The charter boat captains have told me that they make that in two days. Bustamonte told us that [...]

CBC NEWS – Power & Politics with Evan Solomon

CBC NEWS – Power & Politics with Evan Solomon

I am on Canadian Broadcast Corp.'s version of the PBS NewsHour - Power & Politics with Evan Solomon. The segment was taped on Pensacola Beach this afternoon. It's under Featured Videos on http://www.cbc.ca/politics/. Here's an outline of the questions I was asked: -mood in Florida with how BP [...]

BP has only paid 22 percent of Florida claims

BP has only paid 22 percent of Florida claims

BP Claims Director Daryl Willis proudly claimed that BP hasn't rejected any claims. He bragged about BP renewing the $5,000 checks to fishermen and others hurt by the BP oil disaster. However, let's look a little deeper into the numbers. As per the Escambia County EOC, BP claims in Florida total [...]

Now Crist asks for $100M from BP

Now Crist asks for $100M from BP

On May 17, Gov. Charlie Crist had in his office BP CEO Tony Hayward. Instead of pressing for money for the oil clean-up, the Florida governor only got $25 million from the CEO ---for tourism advertising, not hard expenses. This weekend---nearly three weeks later- Crist demands $100M from BP. What [...]

Pensacola Blogs ranked in Top 10

Pensacola Blogs ranked in Top 10

BlogNetNews ranks the most influential blogs in the state. Our area has top in the top 10: Ricksblog.biz and Pensacola Beach Blog: 1: ricksblog.biz 2: EYE ON MIAMI 3: The Buzz 4: South Florida Daily Blog 5: Central Florida Political Pulse 6: Jax Daily 7: Naked Politics 8: Pensacola [...]

Gaetz report

The following is the Friday report from State Sen. Don Gaetz. The only exception I have is that we were told that BP initially responded with six two-man crews, but maybe they upped the number when BP heard girls in bikinis were on the beach: For Immediate Release June 4, 2010 Dear [...]

Beast Corps: Cabinet visits Escambia County

From Beast Corps correspondent Franklin Hayes: As the largest potential economic disaster loomed in the Gulf of Mexico just a few miles off the coast of Pensacola Beach, the Sunshine State’s sitting Governor addressed reporters gathered in Escambia County’s Emergency Operations Center [...]

Buzz: Orange Beach mayor blasts BP

While Pensacola Mayor Mike Wiggins is singing kumbaya with BP, Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon blasted BP representatives a town hall meeting. Kennon is upset over the boats in the Vessels of Opportunity program not being paid and on how BP and its Unified Command Center have dragged their feet on [...]

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