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Tuesday March 31st 2015

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Valentino show

Commissioner Gene Valentino presented his "plan" to the Escambia County Commission. Jane Birdwell worked the PowerPoint presentation and coached the commissioner during the meeting. Valentino led a series of "experts" through conference calls. GV had prepared questions that he led the callers to [...]

The press conference that never happened

Commissioner Gene Valentino needs a "win." His economic development "plan" has flopped. His emails regarding the bingo casino are less than flattering. And the State Attorney's office is still looking into a possible Sunshine Law violation in regards to a private meeting with Councilman Sam [...]

My analysis of Valentino emails -all 235 pages

I’ve tried to break up this analysis into sections and note what emails support my comments. PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS The public record request for GV’s emails regarding the proposed bingo casino for Perdido Key began in March 2009 when attorney Gregory Smith filed an administrative appeal [...]

Last batch of Valentino emails

Last batch of Valentino emails

I will try to summarize all these emails and give my analysis by Sunday morning. Part 2 pages 1-20 Part 2 pages 21-35 Part 2 pages 36-50 Part 2 pages 51-72

Actual Valentino emails for you to read

I realize it may be frustrating for you to get the emails in a piecemeal fashion. Here is the first batch received as part of the third public record request made by attorney Gregory Smith. I apologize for the lightness of some of the emails, but these are copies of copies of copies. Pages [...]

Valentino is a murder suspect

My Crackerjack staff found this tidbit in Bella: June 13 Murder Mystery Theater: 6 p.m. Saturday, June 13, at New World Landing. The Escambia Federated Republican Women will present a murder mystery fundraiser, "The Case of the Hardhearted Housekeeper." Some of the featured actors in this [...]

Valentino claims PNJ will spin his side

Commissioner Valentino tells Cy Keefer on March 15: "I have called the publisher at the newspaper. While he keeps his professional distance, he is a good friend. I am meeting with him next week and with Jamie Page (a reporter better than Carlton Proctor) and will put OUR spin on what's been [...]

GE land was considered as casino site

GE land was considered as casino site

There is a very brief email from Commissioner Gene Valentino to Cy Keefer dated 12/2/08 in which he mentions GE and Jeff DeWeese: "Cy...FYI... this what I got back from Jeff DeWeese on the GE site on Scenic Hwy." Valentino did not release the attachments ---which means he still hasn't [...]

“He sees bingo people”

“He sees bingo people”

On February 23, Commissioner Valentino ran into Haley Joel Osment, the child actor in the "Sixth Sense," at the Jellyfish Bar. According to an email from Valentino to Stephania Wilson, Osment, now in his 20s, was in the area with his business partners looking to buy a lot of 'repo's' in the area. [...]

Why Valentino hid emails

It gets worse for Commissioner Valentino. I can see why he hid these so long before he released them. Here is a March 06 email to Cy Keefer in which Valentino discusses the need to meet with School Superintendent Malcolm Thomas, how they can say the bingo casino will "help the kids" and how mad [...]

Even more Valentino emails….you have to read them

More than 150 pages of emails have been released by Commissioner Gene Valentino on his dealings with the proposed bingo casino on Perdido Key. I’m pouring through them now. Here is one interesting set that was sent out on the day Carlton Proctor wrote in the PNJ about a meeting between Valentino [...]

PEDC minutes

PEDC minutes

The draft of the minutes of the May 28 PEDC meeting have been released, as per our records request last Friday. Chairman Gene Valentino did tell the group that the meeting was scheduled at the request of Sam Hall and himself and that they had met to discuss setting the agenda for the PEDC [...]

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