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Friday August 1st 2014

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Even more Valentino emails….you have to read them

More than 150 pages of emails have been released by Commissioner Gene Valentino on his dealings with the proposed bingo casino on Perdido Key. I’m pouring through them now. Here is one interesting set that was sent out on the day Carlton Proctor wrote in the PNJ about a meeting between Valentino [...]

PEDC minutes

PEDC minutes

The draft of the minutes of the May 28 PEDC meeting have been released, as per our records request last Friday. Chairman Gene Valentino did tell the group that the meeting was scheduled at the request of Sam Hall and himself and that they had met to discuss setting the agenda for the PEDC [...]

Bingo casino team member has legal problems

Once again, it looks like Commissioner Gene Valentino jumped on another "economic development" idea without researching who the developers are. First, it was the electric car plant, now the Bingo Casino proposed for Perdido Key has problems. One development team member, Matt Piell, is facing [...]

Buzz: PEDC meltdown

The Pensacola-Escambia Development Commission met yesterday. I talked with five attendees who have said it was a circus, leading to Commissioner Kevin White walking out of the meeting. Commissioner Gene Valentino opened the meeting by saying that he and Sam Hall did meet privately and they did [...]

Valentino finally turns over casino bingo emails

It took a final demand letter from Gregory Smith, the attorney representing the Perdido Key residents, a possible lawsuit and one more letter from County Attorney Alison Rogers imploring Commissioner Valentino to "once more search your County and private email accounts for the requested records to [...]

Final request for Valentino’s bingo emails

Final request for Valentino’s bingo emails

Attorney Gregory Smith sent on Friday, May 22 his final request for the emails concerning the bingo casino on Perdido Key that Commissioner Gene Valentino has on his personal and business email accounts. Smith did receive the emails that Valentino had on his official county email account, but those [...]

Chamber behind Mobile success

Commissioner Gene Valentino and his PR person, Jane Birdwell, make much of the Mobile success story. Mobile outshines Pensacola in the economic development arena. I wouldn't want to live there but there is no disputing that Mobile has been tremendously successful over the past 20 years. We [...]

Buzz: Rumors flying about County Complex

State Attorney's office is questioning county employees and others about possible Sunshine Law violations by Commissioner Gene Valentino. Jane Birdwell is trying to convince people that the Comm. Valentino was the winner of the Tuesday meeting and is trying to drum up support for his [...]

Where’s the beef?

Where’s the beef?

That’s the question that I and others had after Commissioner Gene Valentino’s prerecorded presentation and the follow-up Q&A on Tuesday, May 19. The only change in the presentation from the one handed out last week was BPM deleted St. Lucia from one of the slides. When I interviewed [...]

Show begins at 4pm

Show begins at 4pm

Today's Joint meeting of the commission and council event will be a highly orchestrated event. BPM Marketing - who designed the Chamber's magnet campaign, but is now working for Commissioner Valentino - has been calling around town asking people to speak out in favor of Gene's plan. Apparently [...]

Too much to think tonight

Gene Valentino is an accomplished actor. I remember watching play Billy Flynn in the PLT production of "Chicago." Though I tease him about being too verbose, I expect the Commissioner to be in rare form tomorrow at the joint meeting of the county commission and Pensacola City Council. It's a role [...]

Former SRIA board member says he was micro-managed

Former SRIA board member says he was micro-managed

IN interviewed Kelly Robinson to find out what really happened in 2007 when Commissioner Gene Valentino removed him for the Santa Rosa Island Authority board. The heart of the problem was the proposed changes that would allow condo-hotels on Pensacola Beach (A Hotel of a Problem). “I [...]

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