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Saturday July 4th 2015

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Viewpoint: State of Local Healthcare Past Ridiculous

Viewpoint: State of Local Healthcare Past Ridiculous

By Suzie Farthing, RN I am incredibly frustrated with the state of healthcare in our community. Things have gotten past the point of being ridiculous. I can speak with confidence regarding this matter, because I am a seasoned registered nurse and long-time Escambia County resident. My [...]

Healthcare hearing this week

Florida’s lawsuit against the federal health care overhaul will get its first full hearing before Federal Judge Roger Vinson this Tuesday, Sept. 14 so expect some out-of-town reporters in the area. Attorney Generals from Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Idaho, Louisiana, [...]

Aronberg accuse McCollum of political grandstanding

The blog Change in Tallahassee reports that State Sen. Dave Aronberg, a Democratic candidate for Florida Attorney General, has accused the current AG, Bill McCollum who is running for governor, of political grandstanding with his filing a lawsuit in Pensacola over the national healthcare [...]

Obama Care

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce has published its analysis of the controversial America’s Affordable Health Choices Act and its impact on each Congressional district. The report shows that in our district that up to 15,400 small businesses could receive tax credits to provide [...]

Pensacola does well in healthcare cost study

There is new study by that Dartmouth Atlas project which is published in the New England Journal of Medicine on the rising costs of healthcare. For 20 years, the project researchers have been examining geographical disparities in healthcare by using data from Medicare, which has the most extensive [...]

Sacred Heart hurt by budget cuts, too

Mike Burke, Director of Marketing & Public Relations at Sacred Heart Health System says. "If the proposed budget cuts go through, Sacred Heart’s reimbursement would be cut by 4 percent or another $1.5 million annually. With the new reductions, Medicaid will pay us only 85 percent of our [...]

Is Baptist/West Florida deal off?

Nearly a month ago, I reported on this blog that Baptist Healthcare's purchase of West Florida Hospital had fallen through...a victim of the tight bond market (Buzz: Baptist/West Florida deal off). At that time, both parties denied the rumor. Today Carlton Proctor reports the deal has been [...]

CR ranks hospitals

A new system from Consumer Reports rates nearly 3,000 hospitals nationwide on the length of hospital stays and number of doctor visits for older adults facing chronic diseases. Nine area hospitals are rated. When looking at Patient Cost per Doctor Visit, here is the ranking by least [...]

New wrinkle in healthcare

Have you been late on paying your medical bills? Well, hospitals may start refusing treatment based on your credit history. A new medical bill payment reporting system, MedFICO, will be available for hospitals by the end of the year. It will compute for doctors and hospitals a patient's ability [...]

Next fad: concierge physicians

Next fad: concierge physicians

The Sarasota Herald Tribune reports that rise of boutique medical practices. Could it come here? Today he (Dr. Carlos Caballero) will see a half-dozen patients, spending an hour to 90 minutes with each, and take phone calls from several others. "It allows me to work better," Caballero [...]

Bush won’t pay for kids health

President Bush vetoed a bill to expand the State's Child Health Insurance Program last week. The SCHIP was created to help the working poor who earned too much to qualify for Medicaid, but who still couldn't afford private insurance. Bush believes the plan would end up helping out middle income [...]

Biggest Pensacola Wins

Biggest Pensacola Wins

Where did the greater Pensacola area have its biggest wins last week? The Santa Rosa Island Authority finally looking at plans for a public parking garage on Pensacola Beach; Derrick Brooks being honored; County commissioners careful review of budget recommendations; and the vote on the half-cent [...]

Feds rate hospitals

Feds rate hospitals

The U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services has created a website that rates hospitals on their care of heart patients. It actually compares them with national and regional averages. Remember we did a story on quality ratings back in January: Focus on Healthcare Here is the HHS site: Compare [...]

Who are the uninsured?

Who are the uninsured?

Last August, we wrote about the area's poor health and the Escambia Community Clinic. Rosalynda Blackburn shuffles slowly to the exam room at the Escambia Community Clinics. Two back operations on her spine and degenerative discs have gnarled up the feisty woman like an old oak tree. The [...]

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