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Wednesday November 25th 2015

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Ford’s scorecard

State Rep. Clay Ford got one general bill passed-HB 1175: Recovery, Towing & Storage of Vehicles & Vessels The other five were postponed indefinitely or withdrawn: HB 103: Voyeurism HB 105: Homestead Assessments HB 141: Annuity Contracts for Senior Consumers HB 959: Credit Counseling [...]

Oops, Ford isn’t getting any Speaker buzz

The local Republicans gave as important reason to re-elect Clay Ford was that he would be the Speaker of the Florida House by 2012 or 2014 (his last term). The St. Pete Times doesn't list him as a credible candidate for either year. Rep. Dean Cannon may have already been tapped as House Speaker [...]

House District 3 race observations

House District 3 race observations

Both candidates have worked hard the past two weekends before the Feb. 27 vote. Democrat Liz Campbell - sent out two mailers. One with a letter from DeeDee Ritchie and emphasizing Campbell's military service (22 yr. decorated Navy veteran.) The other focused on children - their education and [...]

Ford raises even bigger bucks

Republican Clay Ford raised a whopping total of $135,565 over the past ten days for his state House District 3 campaign. This brings his total to $208,085. Amount     Contributor Name $3,952.35 REPUBLICAN PARTY OF FL $7,758.68 REPUBLICAN PARTY OF FL $75.00      REPUBLICAN PARTY OF [...]

Campbell raises big money

House District 3 candidate Liz Campbell (D) has raised significant dollars over the past ten days: $38,169. Her total campaign contributions are $48,049. Amount     Contributor Name $50.00     ARONSON DAVID $50.00     BASTIAN PATRICIA $25.00     BRITNEY RONALD $100.00     [...]

Why has Aqua Teen Hunger Force been silent

Why has Aqua Teen Hunger Force been silent

Readers have wondered why the ATHF hasn't endorsed either candidate for House Dist. 3. Maybe we should be asking Jack Bauer. Click here: 24 Hours with ATHF

Dems claim House race is close

From the State Democratic Party: PENSACOLA RACE IS CLOSE: HELP CAMPBELL IN THE FINAL WEEK Liz Campbell's grassroots campaign is catching fire. Thanks to your generous support, Liz has been able to run radio ads and send out mailers in the special election for State House District #3 and has [...]

Stafford says early voting strong

Stafford says early voting strong

Escambia County Supervisor of Elections David Stafford reports that his office has received 606 more requests for absentee ballots, a total of 3,395. In the Dem & Rep primaries, the total absentee requests were 2,789. 78% of them were returned. Stafford also reports that early voting is ahead [...]

GOP show united front

GOP show united front

The Republican Party of Florida paid for a mailer to Gulf Breeze voters to help them vote by mail. The message - "One voice. One party. One vote."  Includes a letter from Gov. Charlie Crist - "I congratulate Tom Banjanin, Lynn (should be one "n") Hart and George Scarborough and their supporters [...]

Campbell raises $3,115

From her latest report: Amount    Contributor Name $25.00     BELOUS BEATRICE $100.00     BURLESON DOUGLAS $25.00     BUSH DAVID $250.00     ESCAMBIA DEMOCRATIC WOMENS CLUB $50.00     FINK LEO $300.00     FLORIDA PIPE TRADE COUNCIL UNION $75.00     GRUBBS [...]

Ford raises another $5K


Local GOP splintered

Local GOP splintered

There is no organized local Republican Party - yes. the women meet, but they don't have much say in who runs or doesn't run for local offices. The negative side of the House District 3 primary has upset the Scarborough camp which has successfully backed such winners as Esc. Co. School [...]

PNJ Dogan misses the point

The daily newspaper's local columnist Reginald Dogan analyzed the House District 3 Democratic primary this way: Wyche's loss simply validates my theory that a black Democrat can't win in Northwest Florida. Wyche lost because the voters won't vote for a five-time loser. His loss wasn't because of [...]

House District 3 strategies

Ford GOP Game Plan Solidify your base - make sure Pensacola Christian College and Gulf Breeze vote. Reach out to Scarborough, Hart and Banjanin. Don't expect reconciliation with Scarborough camp, but others may announce endorsements of Ford. Who else will GOP vote for? But be carefull the [...]

TomKat Factor

TomKat Factor

Did Tom Banjanin hurt the George Scaborough campaign? I believe it splintered the Escambia County vote further. Brother Joe always did well with the older voters - many of whom were supporting Banjanin. For them, Scarborough name was just as recognizable. However, it's unknown whether George [...]

WEAR blows off House Dist. 3 election

WEAR blows off House Dist. 3 election

No updates given on the air. House District 3 results didn't even lead off 10 pm newscast. ....sad, very sad

Early results

30 of 45 Precincts Reporting* Total Eligible Voters: 62,604 (Republican: 28,289 Democrat: 34,315) Republican Primary Election State House of Representatives, District 3 Candidate         Votes   Precinct Details Tom Banjanin      861      (20.7%) C.V. (Clay) Ford  [...]

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