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Tuesday August 4th 2015

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Don Gaetz’s Legislative Report

Don Gaetz’s Legislative Report

Press Release: 2010 Legislative Session Report The 112th session of the Legislature reflected the struggles of Florida families and businesses during the most challenging economic conditions since the Great Depression. Hard times brought rapidly increasing demands for [...]

State Farm goes for huge rate increase again

Sun Sentinel reports: State Farm Florida Insurance Co. now wants a 67 percent average statewide property insurance rate increase, months after Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty said he would reject the insurer's proposed 47 percent rate boost. No hurricanes in two years...yet they [...]

Legislature fails on insurance

Our state reps - Dave Murzin, Clay Ford, Greg Evers and Ray Sansom - will all try to convince us that they accomplished great things during this year's legislative session. However, they failed to address property insurance. Thank goodness, there is a St. Pete Times: ast winter was the [...]

Report: Insurers fleece public

I love the St. Pete Times. Here is a report that it did on how the big insurance companies have ripped off their policyholders. The property insurance industry not only racked up near-record profits in 2007 - about $65-billion after taxes - but overcharged American homeowners an average of [...]

Insurers may be sued

Miami Herald reports that Gov. Charlie Crist has appointed three high-powered lawyers to file a class-action lawsuit against the insurance industry on behalf of state residents. Crist said his legal office has engaged the help of Roberto Martinez, the former U.S. attorney from Miami who [...]

Insurers have record profits

The Pensacola News Journal reports that insurers area worried about 2008 hurricane season. Allstate and the Hartford companies want major rate hikes that they claim are needed to get through the 2008 hurricane season/ They are challenging state denials in administrative court appeals. Allstate [...]

Small victory in Insurance War

In the PNJ: The insurer agrees to lower its premiums an additional 2 percent — bringing the total cut since June to an average 9 percent — to comply with new laws passed in January. But those discounts will appear on bills that also carry a 52.7 percent increase approved last [...]

State Farm, thanks for the memories

State Farm, thanks for the memories

State Farm made $5.32 billion last year. Yet it "must" drop homeowner policies in our area. The insurance giant has over covered the Outzen home since 1986. Last Jan. they raised our premium from $3800 to $14800. We've had two claims in 19 years - Hurricane Elena (1995) $5K, Hurricane Ivan (2008) [...]

Wernicke nails it

In his Sunday column (Carl Wernicke: Our real problem remains insurance ), Carl Wernicke nails it. Insurance is a much bigger issue than property taxes. The Insurance companies continue to make billions, but whine that they must raise premiums. Their executive are sitting back and laughing at [...]

Use taser for lower insurance rates

Use taser for lower insurance rates

Strong Bad has the solution to lower insurance premiums. Click here: Homestarrunmer.com

State of the Union health insurance misfire

State of the Union health insurance misfire

President Bush's plan to help families and individuals pay for health insurance won't work in Pensacola. In our area, it's estimated 1 in every 5 residents are uninsured, or about 61,400. Nearly 4 out of those 5 residents with no health insurance are employed. More than 17 percent of Escambia [...]

Legislature has property insurance plan

Key legislators reached a final compromise Sunday night on how to solve Florida's property insurance woes.Full House and Senate will vote today on the plan. Private insurance companies: Private insurers, which cover more than half of South Florida's homes and condominiums, would pass along [...]

Rubio calls for December insurance conference

Set for Dec. 4-6 Here is a quote from the letter House Speaker Mario Rubio sent out to incoming State House members: "The purpose of the conference is threefold. First, we want to ensure that all members of the House are given the history and information necessary to understand the nuances [...]

Future job for Holly possibly AHCA Secretary

Future job for Holly possibly AHCA Secretary

Sources have revealed that the post for which local state Rep. Holly Benson is competing is Secretary of the Agency for Health Care Administration (ACHA). According to its website, ACHA "champions accessible, affordable, quality health care for all Floridians." It manages the Medicaid system - [...]

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