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Saturday November 28th 2015

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Viewpoint: BP’s Other Gifts to America—and to the World

By Lawrence S. Wittner The offshore oil drilling catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico brought to us by BP has overshadowed its central role over the past century in fostering some other disastrous events. BP originated in 1908 as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company—a British corporation whose [...]

Air America Radio RIP

Air America Radio RIP

The liberal national radio network, Air America Radio, signs off for the last time next Monday. The company is filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, just a few weeks shy of its sixth anniversary. Here is the official statement from its website: It is with the greatest regret, on behalf of our [...]

Should Obama follow Eisenhower example

Jean Edward Smith, the John Marshall professor of Political Science at Marshall University, wrote in today's NY Times http://100days.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/04/11/how-to-end-a-war-eisenhowers-way/. Smith tells how Pres. Dwight Eisenhower was willing to go against his own Republican Party and [...]

Post-traumatic stress disorders rise

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reports: The number of troops with new cases of post-traumatic stress disorder jumped by roughly 50 percent in 2007 amid the military buildup in Iraq and increased violence there and in Afghanistan. Records show roughly 40,000 troops have been diagnosed with [...]

Radio : Oliver North

Oliver North will be in Pensacola to promote his new book, "American Heroes" and I will talk to him Wednesday at 1:15 on IN Your Head Radio. North is a Vietnam veteran awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and two Purple Hearts during his twenty-two years of service as a U.S. Marine. Later, he was [...]

Radio: Wounds that Don’t Heal

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are bringing a new generation face to face with the horrors of battle and its painful aftermath when they return home. It is the subject of this week's Independent News cover story and will be addressed May 8-9 at the "Hidden Casualties of War" Symposium at the [...]

Faces of American War deaths

USA Today has statistical breakdown in the U.S. death toll in the five-year Iraq War. The total deaths is 3983 serviceman, plus eight Defense Department civilians. 77% are under age 30. Army 72% Marines 25% Navy 2% Air Force 1% Killed by bombs 52% Enemy gunfire 16% Aircraft crashes [...]

Cost of Iraq War

The Washington Post reports that: President Bush plans to ask Congress next month for up to $50 billion in additional funding for the war in Iraq, a White House official said yesterday, a move that appears to reflect increasing administration confidence that it can fend off congressional calls for [...]

Surprise, surprise. Miller says we are winning war

Our Congressman Jeff Miller and five other members of a U.S. congressional delegation spent Monday meeting with the U.S. commander in Iraq, Army Gen. David Petraeus at the home of Ryan Crocker, Washington's ambassador to Baghdad. When Miller came out the meeting, he told the media that the U.S. [...]

Cindy Sheehan resigns

Cindy Sheehan resigns

Sheehan is the mother of Casey Sheehan who died fighting in Iraq. She has been an outspoken critic of the Iraq War and got attention for the peace effort by camping outside Pres. Bush's Texas ranch. In October 2004, I met Sheehan in Pensacola before she got national press. She was speaking to [...]

Twain’s War Prayer

Twain’s War Prayer

I'm a big Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain) fan. Disgusted by the Spanish-American War, Clemens wrote a short anti-war prose poem called "The War Prayer." His family, friends and his publisher thought it was so inflammatory that they begged that he not publish it. Twain agreed, but instructed that it [...]

Mainstream media indicted

Mainstream media indicted

Bill Moyers tackles the media and its role in the Iraq War next week on his PBS show. Northwest Florida makes the show: Moyers also asserts that editors at the Panama City (Fla.) News-Herald received an order from above, "Do not use photos on Page 1A showing civilian casualties. Our sister paper [...]

What’s an Iraq War victory?

The other point I pondered while in bed was the Iraq War. Re-read the book "Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq: Books" by Thomas E. Ricks. How do we define "victory" in Iraq? We can stay there forever and will eventually have to withdraw. The Bush administration defines victory [...]

More blood shed

More blood shed

What started as war to find weapons of mass destruction, topple a dictator and end the war on terrorism as descended into in religious civil war between Sunni and Shiites. Our soldiers have become referees - under staffed, under supplied and under-lead by their civilian, political leaders. The [...]

Vets Protest

Press Release: VETERANS FOR PEACE MARCH IN SUPPORT OF MOVEMENT FOR CHANGE'S TRUTH TO POWER RALLY On Saturday, April 7, 2007, Veterans for Peace, Northwest Florida, will march shoulder to shoulder with Pensacola’s Movement for Change's demonstration challenging injustice. VFP’s lead poster [...]

Miller votes agst Dem War Bill

Press release: MILLER VOTES AGAINST DEMOCRAT “EMERGENCY” IRAQ WAR BILL MILLER: DEMOCRATS SHOULD FUND TROOPS WITHOUT PORK PROJECTS Washington, D.C. – Congressman Jeff Miller (R-Fl-01) today voted against the Democrats’ Emergency Iraq War Supplemental bill, which was intended to fund the [...]

Iraqi Blogs

Iraqi Blogs

I wanted to gain a better perspective on the Iraqi view on the war so I searched for Iraqi blogs. Here are a few I found: From http://baghdadtreasure.blogspot.com/ Compared to the current situation in Iraq, how different was it before the war? Before the war, I had fun. I had my family and [...]

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