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Wednesday November 25th 2015

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Mack, Nelson Rally Local Supporters

Mack, Nelson Rally Local Supporters

Both candidates for Florida’s U.S. Senate race made their way to Pensacola this week en route to Election Day. Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) started off the week with a visit to Dharma Blue, followed by Rep. Connie Mack (R-Fla.) today at Seville Quarter. During their local stops, each candidate [...]

Mitt’s Pancake Pep Rally

Mitt’s Pancake Pep Rally

Most of the folks attending this morning’s Mitt Romney rally in Pensacola seemed a lot like Romney. They were polished and sharp and dashing. Flashing aggressively friendly smiles, the Saturday morning crowd flocked to the Fish House in their Sunday best. They brought signs and cameras and [...]

John McCain and the ‘Best Chance’ Breakfast

When GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney dips into town tomorrow morning for breakfast, he’ll be bringing along Sen. John McCain. The Arizona senator snagged the party’s nomination from Romney in 2008, but supports the Republican contender this time around. “I think he’s got the wind [...]

Oops, McCain liked ACORN in 2006

Blogger Marc Ambinder digs up a pretty damning video, given McCain's current line of attack on Barack Obama. In 2006, McCain told members of ACORN, UNITE HERE, SEIU, and PAW that they were "what makes America special." Read more. McCain speaks at the 1:30 mark.

Pensacola and John McCain

"McCain reported to Pensacola in August 1958, having graduated 894th in a class of 899. He was raffish and rebellious, more interested in history than engineering. He elected aviation, something his father, a rising naval officer, had not. But the younger McCain seemed more drawn to image than [...]

Oops, McCain campaign mgr. paid by Freddie Mac

New York Times reports McCain campaign manager Rick Davis's firm has been paid $15,000 a month from the end of 2005 through last month by Freddie Mac. On Sunday, John McCain claimed Davis had had no involvement with Freddie Mac for the last several years. Davis’s firm, Davis Manafort, received [...]

Why no anti-immigration talk?

For the first half of this year and much of last, illegal immigrants were a big issue for Republicans. Some believe Sheriff Wendell Hall can credit his raids on undocumented workers as one of the keys to his primary victory. However at the Republican National Convention the immigration issue [...]

McCain Facebook page

McCain Facebook page

John McCain has a Facebook page (here). Gender: Male Birthday: August 29, 1936 Political Views: Conservative Religious Views: North Phoenix Baptist Church Interests:Sports, Hiking, Fishing, Boxing, Basketball, Football, Baseball, History Favorite Movies: Viva Zapata, Letters From Iwo [...]

McCain/John Rich concert now free

The first press release for the GOP-sponsored John Rich (of Big & Rich) concert in Panama City on Friday would cost $10 per ticket. Now it's free. According to the News Herald, Democrats have a lot to say about the change in ticket price: "Although we, and most country music fans, would [...]

McCain likes music, too

The big Internet myth being spread last week was that only reason Barack Obama had such a big crowd in Berlin (200,000 plus) was that there was a rock concert tied to it. Obama has had music as a part of his rallies for months. Using a popular local rock band has been a key component of many of his [...]

McCain not getting Bush dollars

St. Petersburg Times reports that of the top 55 George W. Bush donors only 20 have made big contributions to Sen. John McCain's campaign. Is it the economy or a lack of love for McCain? Does it matter? Florida is hardly shunning the McCain campaign. Through May, McCain had raised more than [...]

McCain goes to church

Sen. John McCain went to church again on Sunday - his time with his wife. Expect more news coverage of McCain's church attendance. He has got to win over the conservative Religious Right. Read this.

Miller for Lt. Gov.

Here's the new rumor. If John McCain gets elected president, he will appoint Florida Gov. Charlie Crist to the Attorney General spot. Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp will become governor. Then our Congressman Jeff Miller will be made the new Lt. Governor of Florida. It's just a rumor, but remember you [...]

McCain dumps pastors

You would know it if the only TV news you watched was FOX News, but Sen. John McCain has problems with ministers, too. McCain on Thursday rejected the endorsements of two prominent evangelical ministers whose backing he had sought to shore up his credentials with religious conservatives, according [...]

Will Crist be McCain’s VP? or me?

Gov. Charlie Crist is actively seeking to Sen. John McCain's running mate. He will not give up the governorship unless he is elected vice president. With McCain's age and health in question, Crist could become president...which is scary. What would happen if McCain dies or becomes seriously ill [...]

McCain freed Cuba

Trying to get Cuban Americans to remember his role in the Spanish-American War, Sen. John McCain used the anniversary of Cuban independence from Spain to shore up support among traditionally Republican Cuban-American voters Tuesday while reaching out to other Hispanics on issues of free trade and [...]

McCain, Vietnam and Iraq

There is a very interesting article on GOP presidential hopeful, John McCain. It is well-written and worth taking the time to read - McCain Doctrines The lesson McCain and other conservatives took away from this version of history is that America was driven from Vietnam principally because [...]

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