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Tuesday December 1st 2015

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2008 City Council unsung heroes for Palafox Street honor

The American Planning Association (APA) has announced the designation of Palafox Street—from Wright Street to Pensacola Bay—as one of 10 Great Streets for 2013. The honor is a testament to the Pensacola’s Historic Preservation, Architecture Review and Downtown Improvement boards and to [...]

Tick Tock Gang suffers another defeat

Tick Tock Gang suffers another defeat

We keep hearing from Marty Donovan, Byron Keesler and C.C. Elebash that people do not want the maritime park and its stadium. Yet they never can prove in any election or petition drive that they have a groundswell of support. Yesterday, Charles Bare, the only anti-Maritime Park candidate, placed [...]

The Gang who couldn’t tell time

The Gang who couldn’t tell time

Jamie Page attended yesterday's press conference held by the Donovan/Nobles gang where they essentially cried that they shouldn't be penalized for not knowing how to tell time. His tale of their journey to find someone, anyone, to accept their petition signatures is hilarious. The motley crew of [...]

Maritime Film tells story of the park

Maritime Film tells story of the park

With the help of Barnes West, we produced a film on the Vince Whibbs, Sr. Community Maritime Park---how it started, who worked on it, why it's named for Vince Whibbs, Sr., etc. It seems like every six months we have to fend off another revision of history and the facts about this public-private [...]

Donovan/Nobles PAC changes website

Donovan/Nobles PAC changes website

Marty Donovan and Jack Nobles have changed the website of their Political Action Committee. After receiving criticism for not correctly displaying the stadium, they re-shaded their map. This time they've reduced the footprint of the stadium and added the commercial development segment. The part [...]

Donovan/Nobles referendum can’t stop the stadium

City Attorney Rusty Wells has analyzed the petition drive by Marty Donovan and Jack Nobles and has issued his opinion to the Mayor and Pensacola City Council. He has concluded the petition and any referendum will have no impact on the maritime park and the stadium. They will be built. (Read the [...]

How did Marty & Charlie try to defeat the park in 2006?

While working on another a project, I came across the mailer that Marty Donovan, Charlie Fairchild and Save Our City mailed out before the 2006 referendum - See it here. Their misrepresentations of the facts failed to defeat the Maritime Park. In 2006 - they overstated how much the city was [...]

What Charlie Fairchild said about Maritime Park in 2005

What Charlie Fairchild said about Maritime Park in 2005

The year was 2005. Pensacola had finished a series of town hall meetings on a proposed community maritime park. Charlie Fairchild, C.C. Elebash and Marty Donovan were working behind the scenes to defeat the project. I actually interviewed Fairchild in July 2005 about the project ("Save Our City," [...]

If Marty and Jack didn’t like the stadium…

The right to petition a Pensacola City Council decision is not one that should be taken lightly. If the citizens have voiced their concerns in the hearings involving a decisions, participated in the process and the council votes against their wishes, then a petition is the only course. That isn't [...]

Donovan/Nobles petition update

It appears Marty Donovan and Jack Nobles are pursing their petition drive against the maritime park. Anne B. Bennett just dropped off a letter in support of Donovan and Nobles' effort. In the letter, Bennett says that petition supporters can call Marty's office and request a petition card or go by [...]

Donovan/Nobles petition, where is it?

Has anyone been asked to sign the Marty Donovan/Jack Nobles petition to rescind the Design-Build contract? Has anyone knocked on your door? Has a tent been set up at the Summit Blvd. recycle station? They are looking for a cute name for their political action committee. We suggest PATU --"Pay [...]

Buzz: Where’s Mike?

For the past two days, I've been asked why hasn't Pensacola Mike Wiggins spoke out against the petition drive by former councilmen Jack Nobles and Marty Donovan. He might not want to challenge his son's father-in-law (Nobles), but he could stand up for the park and the contracts the City has [...]

CMP 101

The blog has grown beyond Northwest Florida. We are approaching a million page views a month. Some of the new readers have been drawn here because of The Daily Beast and my coverage of the BP oil disaster. Others have been attracted by my investigations into the Billings murders. When I cover [...]

Charles Fairchild, secret partner with Donovan & Nobles

I acquired these emails from Save Our City & No Boss Mayor co-founder Charlie Fairchild to an out-of-town web designer. Looks like Charlie, Marty and Jack have been scheming hard while the rest of us have been fighting for this community. So sad---those guys can't stand being out of the limelight. [...]

Memories of Marty and Jack

Having studied area politics for the nearly 30 years I've lived here-the past 11 as publisher of the IN, I have two distinct memories of Marty Donovan and Jack Nobles: I watched Jack Nobles publicly humiliate Brian Spencer and Larry Johnson at a meeting of the City's Enterprise Committee that he [...]

CMP: Stop the pettiness and bullying

Pensacola had a head start over the rest of North America 451 years ago. When DeLuna founded Pensacola, there was no New York, Boston, Chicago, New Orleans or Orlando...just Pensacola. When the first settlement failed, it took another 135 years for Spain to comeback to Northwest Florida. By then, [...]

BTW: NMTC tax credit payback is $19M

I've checked with city officials. The multi-use stadium is part of the NMTC contract that has been executed. The $12M has already been received. If somehow Marty Donovan and Jack Nobles were successful in stopping the stadium construction, the City has to pay back $19 million----meaning, Marty, the [...]

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