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Monday November 30th 2015

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Sheen Seen in Gulf

After spotting a sheen in the Gulf of Mexico yesterday, a federal agency has required to Royal Dutch Shell to send down a remote submersible to check the sea floor for leaking wells or natural seepage. “The source has not been identified,” said Eileen Angelico, a public affairs officer with [...]

All Aboard?

Will Amtrak’s Sunset Limited passenger train service once again travel through Pensacola? City officials would like to see that happen. During today’s Pensacola City Council Committee of the Whole meeting, council members will consider a resolution requesting that Amtrak revive its New [...]

CMP: Stop the pettiness and bullying

Pensacola had a head start over the rest of North America 451 years ago. When DeLuna founded Pensacola, there was no New York, Boston, Chicago, New Orleans or Orlando...just Pensacola. When the first settlement failed, it took another 135 years for Spain to comeback to Northwest Florida. By then, [...]

Beast Corps: Cabinet visits Escambia County

From Beast Corps correspondent Franklin Hayes: As the largest potential economic disaster loomed in the Gulf of Mexico just a few miles off the coast of Pensacola Beach, the Sunshine State’s sitting Governor addressed reporters gathered in Escambia County’s Emergency Operations Center [...]

Coastkeeper update

Coastkeeper update

Press release: Flow rate update, with information from the Incident Command: The National Incident Command’s Flow Rate Technical Group (FRTG) has developed an independent estimate for the rate at which oil is flowing from BP’s leaking well. Using three different methodologies, the FRTG has [...]

Editorial: Gulf ports ready for more business

Editorial: Gulf ports ready for more business

The Mobile Press Register published an editorial on bright futures of Central Gulf ports, Central Gulf ports ready for the future. Guess which Gulf Coast port isn't mentioned in the editorial.

Race for Containers

Race for Containers

The Panama Canal is expanding---a $5.25 billion project-- to all allow the largest container ships to cut through to the eastern side of North America and, according to AP,  may cut into the dominance of West Coast ports handling freight from Asia. Gulf Coast ports are investing millions to [...]

Nagin – unifier or divider

I've watched with curiosity the reactions in the white community to having Ray Nagin, the mayor of New Orleans, speak in Pensacola at the Gulf Coast African-American Chamber of Commerce's City to City Economic Exchange Conference. Reginald Dogan, in his column in today's daily newspaper (Nagin [...]

FEMA didn’t learn from Ivan

Saturday, Washington Post published an article on yet another FEMA failure - rebuilding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The massive federally funded program for rebuilding Louisiana homes is short nearly $3 billion, administrators told a state legislative panel here today, leaving [...]

New Orleans looking at healthcare

New Orleans looking at healthcare

New Orleans has a real health care problem with the poor and uninsured. Prior to Katrina, the state had a really screwed up system that pushed all the poor and uninsured to the state-owned charity hospitals. Service was bad, costly and very ineffective. After Katrina, many of the city's doctors [...]