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Monday July 28th 2014

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Bargain Basement BP-Boom

Bargain Basement BP-Boom

Still searching for Christmas gifts? How about 3,000 feet of hard boom left over from the 2010 oil spill? The City of Orange Beach, Ala., is auctioning off its surplus boom on govdeals.com. “We’d all be happy to get $10,000,” said Phillip West, the city’s coastal resources [...]

Orange Beach mayor impressive

Why did the head of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, Ken Feinberg, go to Orange Beach, instead of Pensacola? Because Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon called him and told him how screwed up the claims process is. Feinberg's reaction: "I said don’t you convey what they said, I ought to come and [...]

Baldwin County tourism dropped 40 percent in June

Baldwin County tourism dropped 40 percent in June

The Mobile Press Register is reporting that Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and the rest of South Baldwin Co. beaches lost in June $35.5 million in taxable spending because of the BP oil disaster. Read more.

Buzz: Orange Beach mayor blasts BP

While Pensacola Mayor Mike Wiggins is singing kumbaya with BP, Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon blasted BP representatives a town hall meeting. Kennon is upset over the boats in the Vessels of Opportunity program not being paid and on how BP and its Unified Command Center have dragged their feet on [...]

Billings case: Wednesday, July 15

Billings case: Wednesday, July 15

Search for Pamela Long Wiggins Wednesday, July 15 The Sarasota Herald Tribune opens the day with an article on Patrick Gonzalez cyberstalking in his ex-wife and in-laws, “Suspect in slaying of Pensacola couple haunted Sarasota family.” Gonzalez had met Katie Herkel when she was a student [...]

Touart not hired for Orange Beach job

Former Escambia County Administrator George Touart was called best of 70 candidates for the Orange Beach city manager job, but Mayor Pete Blalock says decision will be left to city leaders elected in August. The Mobile Press Register reports several City Council members and Blalock said Monday [...]