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Oceanographer Estimates Higher Rate of Leak

May 11, 2010

By IN reporter Ryne Ziemba.. Prof. Ian McDonald, professor of Oceanography at Florida State University, spoke last Saturday, May 8 at a public forum at the Hilton Garden Inn on Pensacola Beach. Prof. McDonald has been…


Transcript of Olbermann interview

May 9, 2010

I really thought I sounded more literate and knowledgeable than this: OLBERMANN: That we know about the B.P. waiver agreement offering up to $5,000 to Gulf Coast residents in exchange for their signatures waiving liability before…


Sink’s day in Pensacola

May 6, 2010

By Sean Boone Federal and state officials were in Pensacola today to address emergency efforts for the Deep Horizon oil spill bearing down on Florida’s coastline. Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink met with Escambia County officials…

Escambia County

Viewpoint on Pensacola Beach Master Plan

March 9, 2010

My Fellow Pensacola Citizens, As a lifelong resident of Pensacola and Pensacola Beach, I have always been a proponent of improving the quality of life in our beautiful city. We have sat by and watched our…

Escambia County

Beach Master Plan catching heat

March 2, 2010

The SRIA has been working on a new master plan for the commercial core of Pensacola Beach. The buzz is that the SRIA has gotten such a bad response from the general public at the last…


Bigger ECSO presence on the beach

January 5, 2009

Sheriff-elect David Morgan plans to reactivate the law enforcement reserve program. These volunteers will be used to give the ECSO a stronger presence on Pensacola Beach and other parts of Escambia County. “I don’t know why…


Beach waters make N.O. paper

August 11, 2008

The Times-Picayune writes on the drowning dangers in the Gulf (Dangers lurk in gulf waters). Unfortunately reporter doesn’t know Bob West doesn’t patrol Perdido.…


Don’t spend the beach tax dollars yet

August 8, 2008

The $9 million-plus that Escambia County is reportedly owed by Portofino Towers condo owners is just that owed … and unpaid. It may take a while to collect because some of those owners are going to…


WEAR TV 3 picks up beach tax story, too

August 6, 2008

This is from the news telecast last night: Court Denies Appeal – Condo Owners To Pay Taxes A court ruling announced today… Will mean another 19 million dollars for Escambia County coffers. The bottom line of…


Special favors for Ice Vending?

July 2, 2008

From a concerned Pensacola Beach resident: Notice the appearance of the Beach causeway entrance has been enhanced with the relocation of an ice machine owned by a member of the downtown crowd. Points of interest. –…


IN Your Head Radio 6.13

June 13, 2008

We will talk to Dahlia Hashad, Domestic Human Rights Program Director for Amnesty International. Yesterday,  the Supreme Court ruled that the prisoners being held at Guantánamo Bay have the right to challenge their imprisonment in U.S. courts. …


Grover on beach alcohol

June 3, 2008

Grover Robinson has written a letter to the Santa Rosa Island Authority. He is asking them to study an alcohol policy in public areas on Pensacola Beach. Readrobinson-letter.pdf…


Throwing Stones

May 27, 2008

The Santa Rosa Island Authority allowed developers to build huge highrise condominiums in the core commercial and entertainment area of Pensacola Beach. Now the owners are upset that the bands are playing too loud at the…


More on near drowning victim

April 15, 2008

Kristina Cramer, age 19, nearly drowned on Pensacola Beach on April 6. Here is how a television station in her area (WTVM) is covering her recovery. More…