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Wednesday November 25th 2015

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Grover on beach alcohol

Grover Robinson has written a letter to the Santa Rosa Island Authority. He is asking them to study an alcohol policy in public areas on Pensacola Beach. Readrobinson-letter.pdf

Throwing Stones

The Santa Rosa Island Authority allowed developers to build huge highrise condominiums in the core commercial and entertainment area of Pensacola Beach. Now the owners are upset that the bands are playing too loud at the night clubs. We see the same complaints in downtown Pensacola. Mixed use [...]

More on near drowning victim

Kristina Cramer, age 19, nearly drowned on Pensacola Beach on April 6. Here is how a television station in her area (WTVM) is covering her recovery. More

Pier Park at PC Beach

Panama City Beach has a new 900,000-square-foot open-air mall that. Pier Park anchor stores include Dillard’s, Old Navy, JCPenney and Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville restaurant. It is anticipated that about 40 retailers will open in February and March at the 900,000-square-foot open-air [...]

What ever happened to condo-hotels?

Last spring, Pensacola Beach, the Santa Rosa Island Authority and the Escambia county commission debated and studied for weeks whether to allow the new lodging hybrid - the condo-hotel - on Pensacola Beach. One SRIA lost his position over it. The Escambia County Commission approved an ordinance [...]

Navarre-Pensacola Beach road to open mid-2008

Well, sort of. The Daily News reports Panhandle Grading and Pavement Inc. will complete two lanes of the road from Navarre Beach to Opal Beach by next summer. Opal Beach is where the picnic grounds were between Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach. Unfortunately that is where the road will end. There [...]

Beach access vs. tourism

Walton County is trying to figure how to balance tourism with public access. In Escambia County, we handle it by having overcrowded parking for locals, charging a toll to get on the beach and no roads to the top tourism attraction (Ft. Pickens) or to Navarre Beach. Do you think Walton County [...]

PNJ poopoos parking garage

The editorial brain trust at the Pensacola News Journal has come out against the proposed parking garage on Pensacola Beach. The lack of beach parking is what holds many of us back from enjoying Pensacola Beach on its busiest days. It is nearly impossible for a local to find parking to eat a [...]

Does budget process matter?

Does budget process matter?

The SRIA asking for $10 million from the Escambia County Commission begs an even larger question. Why wasn't the beach parking in the 2007-08 budget for the county or SRIA? We are seeing half a dozen big funding requests at the county and city levels right now: more $$$ for Saenger Theatre [...]

20 years still no beach parking

20 years still no beach parking

The daily newspaper has an article on the Santa Rosa Island Authority asking the county commission for $10 million for more beach parking. The key paragraph that really speaks to local government's inability to act on an issue: The Island Authority has been talking for 20 years about the need [...]

Another international symposium coming 2008

2008 Instrumentation Symposium in Pensacola Beach The event is sponsored by the Aerospace, Process Measurement and Control, and Test Measurement divisions of ISA. The event will also include social events, an exhibit, and a technical tour of the area. Industry experts will present papers [...]

Letter from BDI on red clay

Here is a letter dated August 2, 2007 to Santa Rosa Island Authority board members. Read No red clay

BDI adamant about red clay

From IN editor Duwayne Escobedo: RED CLAY DEBATE There are a few issues on Pensacola Beach that will always start a melee, like condos, taxes, beach safety and RED CLAY. Right now, the fight is over red clay and whether Roads Inc. is or isn't hauling it to the beach and mucking up the [...]

Conflicting info on beach red clay

Conflicting info on beach red clay

Not to beat a dead horse... but my source from the county says that the red clay on Pensacola Beach was trucked out there from property owned by Roads, Inc. in the north part of Escambia County. Apparently Roads, Inc has been digging a huge pit up there and got around county ordinances by claiming [...]

Red clay follow up

from IN editor Duwayne Escobedo: Red clay is not allowed to be used for the base in road construction on Pensacola Beach because of fear it'll spoil the unique sugar white sands found at the beach. Santa Rosa Island Authority officials report the contractor Roads Inc. is removing the red clay [...]

Red clay used on the beach

Red clay used on the beach

Contractors are not allowed to use red clay on Pensacola Beach. However, the road contractor Roads, Inc. appears to have been given special dispensation and has been allowed to use it. Stay tuned.

NAS does what ECUA should have done

NAS does what ECUA should have done

The Monday edition of the News Journal has an article on how NAS Pensacola decided to forego building a new wastewater treatment plant on the base after Hurricane Ivan. They realized how vulnerable the plant would be to hurricanes.  Instead they are partnering with ECUA to build a pipeline to send [...]

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