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Wednesday July 1st 2015

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Billings case: Sunday, July 12 part 2

Billings case: Sunday, July 12 part 2

CONTRACT HIT Sunday, July 12 Shortly after 7 p.m., a warrant for Wayne Coldiron is issued charging him with murder. Investigator James O’Hara, along with several other investigators and patrol units, go to 210 Yokum Court in Brent area to pick up Coldiron. The units secure the perimeter. [...]

Thugs battle on Pensacola Beach

We are hearing more complaints about thugs taking over Pensacola Beach - Casino Beach and the Boardwalk areas. WEAR TV reports there was a fight involving a pistol at Casino Beach over the weekend. Here's the script of the newscast: Escambia County Deputies say a man charged with assault [...]

Bigger ECSO presence on the beach

Sheriff-elect David Morgan plans to reactivate the law enforcement reserve program. These volunteers will be used to give the ECSO a stronger presence on Pensacola Beach and other parts of Escambia County. "I don't know why the prior administration let this program lapse," says Morgan. "These [...]

Beach waters make N.O. paper

The Times-Picayune writes on the drowning dangers in the Gulf (Dangers lurk in gulf waters). Unfortunately reporter doesn't know Bob West doesn't patrol Perdido.

Don’t spend the beach tax dollars yet

The $9 million-plus that Escambia County is reportedly owed by Portofino Towers condo owners is just that owed ... and unpaid. It may take a while to collect because some of those owners are going to have trouble coming up with $30,000 to $40,000. So the county commission shouldn't rush to reduce [...]

WEAR TV 3 picks up beach tax story, too

This is from the news telecast last night: Court Denies Appeal - Condo Owners To Pay Taxes A court ruling announced today... Will mean another 19 million dollars for Escambia County coffers. The bottom line of the decision.... condo owners at the Portofino Towers on Pensacola Beach [...]

Special favors for Ice Vending?

From a concerned Pensacola Beach resident: Notice the appearance of the Beach causeway entrance has been enhanced with the relocation of an ice machine owned by a member of the downtown crowd. Points of interest. - The quantity of ice sold on the Beach is finite therefore adding one more [...]

IN Your Head Radio 6.13

We will talk to Dahlia Hashad, Domestic Human Rights Program Director for Amnesty International. Yesterday,  the Supreme Court ruled that the prisoners being held at Guantánamo Bay have the right to challenge their imprisonment in U.S. courts.  Amnesty International had provided an amicus [...]

Double toll to beach

The SRIA is considering doubling the toll to Pensacola Beach - to $2. The additional buck will go to pay for a parking garage. The parking is needed. However, I'm not sure there should be any toll to the beach. We have no clear strategy or vision for Pensacola Beach. We market it as a family [...]

Grover on beach alcohol

Grover Robinson has written a letter to the Santa Rosa Island Authority. He is asking them to study an alcohol policy in public areas on Pensacola Beach. Readrobinson-letter.pdf

Throwing Stones

The Santa Rosa Island Authority allowed developers to build huge highrise condominiums in the core commercial and entertainment area of Pensacola Beach. Now the owners are upset that the bands are playing too loud at the night clubs. We see the same complaints in downtown Pensacola. Mixed use [...]

More on near drowning victim

Kristina Cramer, age 19, nearly drowned on Pensacola Beach on April 6. Here is how a television station in her area (WTVM) is covering her recovery. More

Pier Park at PC Beach

Panama City Beach has a new 900,000-square-foot open-air mall that. Pier Park anchor stores include Dillard’s, Old Navy, JCPenney and Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville restaurant. It is anticipated that about 40 retailers will open in February and March at the 900,000-square-foot open-air [...]

What ever happened to condo-hotels?

Last spring, Pensacola Beach, the Santa Rosa Island Authority and the Escambia county commission debated and studied for weeks whether to allow the new lodging hybrid - the condo-hotel - on Pensacola Beach. One SRIA lost his position over it. The Escambia County Commission approved an ordinance [...]

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