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Wednesday April 1st 2015

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Inweekly 2006: Pensacola Young Professionals launched

Inweekly 2006: Pensacola Young Professionals launched

In 2006, the Pensacola Independent News joined forces with the Pensacola Chamber of Commerce to facilitate the formation of the Pensacola Young Professionals. I wrote this introduction of the group in March 2006: This new generation of leaders is smarter, more altruistic and more concerned [...]

Good Summary of Legal Forum

CPA Bob Holmes attended the Pensacola Chamber's forum on the legal issues involving the BP oil disaster. Here are some notes that he took at the meeting: At the Town Hall meeting a PJC this morning there were several things I learned. The laws governing liabilities in this situation include [...]

Dinner with Ryan

Dinner with Ryan

Last night, I had dinner with Rebecca Ryan and a group of PYP leaders that was hosted by Jay Bradshaw and Coastal Moving. Ryan is the keynote speaker at today's annual meeting of the Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of Commerce. Her book "Live First, Work Second---getting inside the head of the next [...]

The newspaper guys pressed Avalex for answers

PNJ business reporter Carlton Proctor reports on his blog that a "board member tried to drag Cohen's name from Avalex CEO Tad Ihns whose decision to build an $18 million headquarters in Gulf Breeze set off a wave of recriminations within the Pensacola business community." The Chamber board [...]

How does Chamber spend County money?

We made a record request of the Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of Commerce to find out how it spends the money it receives from the County. We received their Form 990 Tax Return for the fiscal year that ended 9/30/08 and the expense reports for the Visitor Information Center, Military Development and [...]

Economic Development update

From Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of Commerce: # $2,000,000 – We received confirmation late last night from the US Economic Development Administration that we have been awarded $2 million toward the construction of infrastructure improvements on the technology campus in downtown Pensacola. Many [...]

Where’s the beef?

Where’s the beef?

That’s the question that I and others had after Commissioner Gene Valentino’s prerecorded presentation and the follow-up Q&A on Tuesday, May 19. The only change in the presentation from the one handed out last week was BPM deleted St. Lucia from one of the slides. When I interviewed [...]

Chamber accomplishments

While Commissioner Valentino has been bashing the Chamber on WEAR TV, I thought it might be helpful to find out what the Chamber has actually accomplished over the past five years. Here is the spreadsheet on the Chamber's economic development efforts: [...]

Economic Development Update

Here is Charles Wood's Economic Development Update he released on Friday. Wood is the senior vp for Economic Development for the Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of Commerce. # DATCOM – Our armed services department (Headed up by Craig Dalton) held their Defense Aerospace and Technology Committee [...]

Chamber on YouTube

On November 8, 2007, 200 great minds came together to change the history of healthcare. Pensacola was the place. The Chamber was the force. They promise "The most exciting part is yet to come."

AppRiver: Small Business of the Month

AppRiver: Small Business of the Month

The Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to AppRiver, LLC has been selected as the January Small Business of the Month. “We started with two guys and a spam trap,” quipped co-founders Michael Murdoch and Joel Smith when asked about their 2002 start-up company, AppRiver, [...]

Touart told county has problems

Touart told county has problems

County Administrator George Touart met with the Pensacola Chamber of Commerce this week. The word we've gotten is that Touart was told that his employees were holding up development in the county. Something this paper and others have said for years, but George has refused to do anything [...]

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