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Sunday January 25th 2015

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Council to Hear ReGrid Findings

Over the course of the summer, the city of Pensacola and the West Florida Regional Planning Council held a series of public workshops concerning the downtown historic district’s street grid, specifically the opening of East Government Street. The information gathered during the workshops will be [...]

Crime, Chickens and the Press

In one of its most fluid meetings in months, the Pensacola City Council seemed to sail unencumbered through its Thursday night engagement. The board tended to its chicken and urban farming ordinance, sections of the city’s green building code and a Complete Streets resolution. The council also [...]

Exploring Disparity and Bike Lanes

After a year of waiting, the Pensacola City Council heard details of its disparity study last night. According to the study, city government has improved its numbers, but Pensacola as a whole has a ways to go. “It’s very detailed, very thorough and left no stone unturned,” Councilman [...]

City Receives Disparity Study

The Pensacola City Council will get a glimpse at a long-awaited disparity study today during its Committee of the Whole meeting. The group will also be discussing the hiring of a council executive. In June 2011, the city contracted with Tallahassee firm MGT to conduct a disparity study. The [...]

Pensacola City Council, At Large B

There are five Pensacola City Council seats up for grabs this election season. Two of those seats—including the At-Large B seat—will be on the ballot for the August primary. The At Large B seat currently belongs to Council President Sam Hall. He is being challenged by Charles Bare and Victor [...]

Studer Negotiations

Studer Negotiations

Blue Wahoos owner Quint Studer met with officials from the city of Pensacola and the Community Maritime Park Association this morning in an attempt to hammer out a lease for a parcel of property located at the Maritime Park. “We’re close,” said CMPA Chairman Collier Merrill at the end of [...]

Reconnect Redo Undone?

Citizens will have one more opportunity tomorrow night to weigh in on plans for the city of Pensacola’s historic district and, more specifically, the reopening of East Government Street. Where the process goes from there remains uncertain. “There’s not really a ‘next step,’ as of [...]

Council Tables Budget

Pensacola City Council’s two-day budget session ended last night with a sudden swerve to the side of the road. The engine was overheating and all the needles had raced wildly into the red. After studying Mayor Ashton Hayward’s proposed FY2013 budget—holed up with city staff in marathon, [...]

City Budget Workshops

In a series of workshops next week, the Pensacola City Council will dive into the Fiscal Year 2013 Proposed Budget. Mayor Ashton Hayward delivered his proposed budget to the city council in June. The $221 million budget comes in $600,000 below the previous year’s budget. It is also [...]

Hatching the Rewrite, or Something to Cluck About

Hatching the Rewrite, or Something to Cluck About

During a recent trip to Key West, Pensacola City Councilman Larry Johnson discovered the island had a large chicken population. When he went out for lunch, the birds roamed freely around his feet. “In Key West, they have chickens everywhere,” Johnson told his fellow council members during [...]

Golf Carts and Chickens

Golf Carts and Chickens

Pensacola residents may soon be able to drive their golf carts down streets lined with backyard chicken coops. These are among the issues the Pensacola City Council will consider today. For several months, back-to-the-land-in-your-own-backyard advocates have worked with city officials to rewrite [...]

CMPA executive director applies for Ft. Walton Beach city manager job

CMPA executive director applies for Ft. Walton Beach city manager job

Ed Spears, executive director of the Community Maritime Park Associates (CMPA), is among the 33 people who have applied to be the city manager of Fr. Walton Beach. Their former city manager, Bob Mearns, was fired five months ago. To date, the city has received 33 applications for the job and [...]

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