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Sunday August 31st 2014

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Posts Tagged ‘Pensacola City Council’

Myers Explains & Mayor Responds

Myers Explains & Mayor Responds

She describes the issue at the center of her recent lawsuit against Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward as “not too complicated.” “The issue is very simple, it has a lot to do with the separation of powers,” said Pensacola City Councilwoman Sherri Myers. “The charter was very clear about [...]

Myers vs. Hayward

Pensacola City Councilwoman Sherri Myers is suing Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward. The councilwoman’s attorney, Alistair McKenzie, reported that the suit was filed this afternoon. Myers is suing Hayward over a memorandum the mayor sent out to city council members last month. The May 15 [...]

Coming Home to Roost (but no Roosters)

Coming Home to Roost (but no Roosters)

Backyard-chicken advocates encountered what Pensacola City Council President Sam Hall termed “a friendly council” Monday. The board unanimously decided to instruct city staff to explore loosening ordinances pertaining to raising chickens in city neighborhoods. The council was presented last [...]

City Budget Presentation

At the request of Mayor Ashton Hayward, the Pensacola City Council will hold a special meeting Monday. The meeting has been scheduled in order for the mayor to present the council with the city’s proposed FY2013 budget. The June 11 presentation will be in the council chambers inside Pensacola [...]

Council Selects Executive

As the appointed time for the Pensacola City Council’s special meeting to select its new executive came and went, Councilwoman Megan Pratt began to wonder where the majority of her fellow board members were. “Wasn’t that a unanimous vote that we meet at five?” she asked. “We’ve [...]

A New Day?

Pensacola City Council President Sam Hall opened up Thursday night’s council meeting by requesting that things stay “upbeat.” “I want Kumbayah tonight,” he said. The president knew the weight of the room’s contentious subtext. Councilwoman Sheri Myers’ recent threat to sue Mayor [...]

Executive Decision

In a couple of hours, the Pensacola City Council will consider selecting its Council Executive. The board will be taking a look at four candidates. The council has been searching for someone to handle its administrative needs for more than a year. Recently, the city’s HR department presented [...]

Council Eyes Executive Finalists

Council Eyes Executive Finalists

The Pensacola City Council may select its new council executive tomorrow. The board has been presented with four candidates. “I’m ready to make a selection,” said Councilman Ronald Townsend on Tuesday. “I’m hoping we can go ahead and finalize this.” The city council met three of [...]

Johnson Predicts ‘Tough’ Budget Season

Johnson Predicts ‘Tough’ Budget Season

The Pensacola City Council offered a glimpse last night of what upcoming budget workshops might look like. Council members signaled to Mayor Ashton Hayward that it could be a rough ride. Councilman Larry B. Johnson questioned why the mayor needed both an administrator and a chief of staff. He [...]

‘Big Boys & Girls’ Clash with Mayor

The continuing back-and-forth between the Pensacola City Council and Mayor Ashton Hayward has found its newest venue: the audit selection committee. “I almost wish I didn’t care,” Councilwoman Maren DeWeese charged onto the battlefield. “It’d been a lot easier to let this shuttle on by [...]

Reynolds Responds (see documentation)

Reynolds Responds (see documentation)

Pensacola City Administrator Bill Reynolds said he believes that the Sunshine Law accusation being levied against him will be proved unfounded. Earlier this month, Pensacola City Councilwoman Maren DeWeese raised questions concerning Sunshine Law violations. She contends that Reynolds violated [...]

Government Street Meeting Cancelled

Tonight’s public meeting concerning the opening of Government Street has been cancelled. City officials are apparently still studying the issue. Travis Peterson, spokesman for Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward, said the possibility of connecting Government Street—which currently dead-ends—to [...]

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