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Radio Tower and public safety

November 12, 2015

Public safety is one of the most fundamental responsibilities of municipal government. City ordinances are enacted to ensure structures are built soundly and in accordance with state and city building codes. Inspections are made periodically to…

Long Hollow Pensacola

Radio Tower Lease is a forced error

November 12, 2015

Today, the News Journal’s editorial board asks the Pensacola City Council to fix its error in regards to the new radio tower in the Long Hollow Stormwater Basin. Read editorial. An error was made when the…


Lobbyist registry is back up for consideration

October 26, 2015

Over year ago, Mayor Ashton Hayward announced that he wanted to establish a lobbyist registry, the issue is coming before the Pensacola City Council. In a Oct. 12, 2014 newsletter, the mayor said, ““Anyone who is…

Business Pensacola

Food trucks round the corner

October 9, 2015

by Jeremy Morrison The food trucks are almost here. Almost, but not quite. After three years of debate, of rolling along a rocky road rife with contention, the city of Pensacola finally appears to be paving…


Podcast: Duelling food truck ordinances

October 8, 2015

Yesterday on “Pensacola Speaks,” Pensacola City Councilman Charles Bare discussed the two food truck ordinances up for approval tonight. Here are the ordinances: Food Trucks…

News Pensacola

Terhaar stands with council executive choice

September 30, 2015

Inweekly asked Pensacola City Council President Andy Terhaar whether he was bothered by the recent revelations that newly-hired Council Executive Donald Kraher had filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and did not have an active law license…