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Tuesday December 1st 2015

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PYP explains its forum regarding URAC

PYP explains its forum regarding URAC

Tonight the Pensacola Young Professionals are holding a forum at The Fish House on the October, 2012 report by the Mayor's Urban Redevelopment Advisory Committee (URAC). Though the forum has been promoted to the PYP membership as an opportunity for them to vote on three URAC recommendation that [...]

A year later PNJ writes on pensions

In its Sunday edition, the Pensacola News Journal has a story on how pensions are breaking the city budget. On April 24, 2008, we wrote about this issue (Feed the Beast). We even led with the example of Police Chief John Mathis - just as Jamie Page does: When he retires sometime before June [...]

Buzz:Does ECUA need money from the City?

The recession has caused bids for many projects to come in much lower than expected. The New York Times (Companies Pretty Up Prices to Win Stimulus Projects) reports construction companies, hungry for work in the dismal economy, have slashed their prices. Bids are coming in 15 to 25 percent lower [...]

Anti-CMP experiment shows why P’cola moves slow

I thank my regular blog readers for indulging me in my week-long experiment with the anti-CMP cult. Since 2005, we have had a small group of naysayers out to stop the Community Maritime Park. Even though they lost the city-wide referendum in September 2006, they still want to stop to the CMP and [...]

“We are a broken city”

From Brian Spencer: Dear Newly Elected Council Members, Perhaps I can ask Al Coby to write a donation check to cover the cost for Congress for New Urbanism's (CNU) subscription which features how to FIX broken cities and their suburban neighborhoods. CNU's newsletter would be a valuable tool [...]

Pratt keeps city pension

On her blog, Council member Megan Pratt defends her decision to enroll in the city retirement plan....simply because Pratt sees that it's part of her compensation and she deserves to paid to be on the city council. From Megan Pratt's blog: I believe that city council should be a paid position [...]

City staff obligated to finance CMP

People and the news media are starting to question the proposal that Dick Barker, city's finance director, quickly presented to the Pensacola City Council at its workshop meeting last week. As I understand, Barker wants to use short-term loans to finance the CMP while the municipal bond market [...]

Oops, Lewis, we pay more property taxes than you

CJ Lewis ends his latest diatribe with: "Lastly, thank you for your interest in the City of Pensacola. As a non-resident, non-voter, and non-taxpayer we appreciate your input and will give it the weight it deserves." It's an old faulty argument made by naysayers when all other logic fails, only [...]

CMPA board positions

Mayor Mike Wiggins and Council member Megan Pratt have been nominated to fill John Fogg's seat on the Community Maritime Park Associates Board of Trustees. Wiggins has told me that he doesn't want to sit on the board because he wants the freedom to talk to the CMPA board members without violating [...]

Buzz: Coby no longer interim

Mayor Mike Wiggins stunned yesterday's crowd at the city council meeting when he referred to Al Coby as the city manager. "Al agreed to stay on, not as interim city manager - we have made him city manager, " Wiggins said when representing Coby with a certificate of appreciation. Apparently [...]

Pratt joins blogosphere

From Pensacola City Council-elect Megan Pratt: I mulled creating a website vs creating a blog for a while. Finally bit the bullet and started a blog since it was faster than creating a website. It is located at http://meganprattd9.blogspot.com/. I have just put my first legitimate content up, on [...]

Boone interviews Nobles on Hall’s retreat

Councilmember says Hall's absence 'unfortunate' by Sean Boone Pensacola Councilman Jack Nobles told the IN on Monday that Sam Hall's abrupt departure from last Thursday's Council meeting was something that should not have happened. "I think it was an unfortunate situation," he says. "You [...]

Stalking Sam Hall

PNJ columnist Mark O'Brien tells today the story of how Pate Cold Storage owner Mike Pate sent his son, Jeremy, and his girlfriend..described by Pate as "a real good-looking woman." To go to Hall's home and challenge the councilman on why he left the Dec. 11 council meeting early. I sort of [...]

Notes: Charter review

Sean Boone attended yesterday's Pensacola Charter Review Commission meeting. He reports: The Charter Review Commission agreed upon several powers and duties for an executive mayoral form of government. Members voted to require anyone running for the office to be a resident of the city for at [...]

Downtown Library switcheroo

We hear that architect Miller Caldwell will be making a proposal to the City and the Friends of the Library to move the proposed new downtown library away from its current Gregory Street location and the African-American community to near the proposed Technology Park, Aragon, IHMC and the Civic [...]

New council may be slow, too

PNJ columnist Mark O'Brien points out in his column today that Mayor-elect Mike Wiggins has called for a goal setting workshop. This sound great, right? Only problem is the workshop is 33 days after the new council takes office----Feb. 14. Come on, Mike. Do the goal setting workshop on Jan. 13. [...]

Will PYP wake up for Charter review?

The Pensacola city council is looking to diversify its Charter review commission. Council members have been asked to nominate and eventually appoint a black male, a female, and a white male as alternates to the commission. The Pensacola Young Professionals lost its only commission member when [...]

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