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Saturday September 20th 2014

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City will pay postage

The Pensacola City Council agreed last night to pay the return postage on the charter referendum. After about a 90-minute discussion---which included Mayor Mike Wiggins defended his political career and the effectiveness of the current council--- the first reading of the charter passed. The [...]

Charter on the agenda

What will the Pensacola City Council do about the proposed city charter? It appears Mayor Mike Wiggins and Councilman P.C. Wu are against it. Will they try to change the wording of the referendum or let it go as agreed by the Charter Review Commission and the City Attorney? Watch and see. Two [...]

Paying to vote on Charter

The Pensacola City Council appears poised to set November 24 as the date for vote on the proposed city charter. It will be a mail ballot. Unfortunately, the City Council doesn't won't to pay for the return postage ----about $5K if only 25 percent of the voters actually vote. This seems a little off [...]

Cohen’s CRA reimbursement memo

You asked for: City Council Memo re CRA Reimbursement

Judge Collier responds to Cohen’s request

MEMORANDUM To: Community Maritime Park Associates Board of Trustees From: Lacey A. Collier, Chairman, Community Maritime Park Association Board of Trustees CC: Al Coby, City Manager, Mr. Thaddeus Cohen, Executive Director, City of Pensacola Community Redevelopment Agency, Edward Spears, [...]

Charter will go to referendum

Two months after it was presented to the Pensacola City Council, the council voted unanimously to allow a referendum on the proposed new city charter. Two months...which is about as fast as this council can do anything. There are still two more public hearings on the exact wording of the [...]

Charter workshop today

The City Council will hold another Charter workshop today at 4 p.m. at the Hagler/Mason Conference Room in City Hall. City Attorney Rusty Well has come up with two more changes that he suggests need to be made - Charter Review. Why these changes are being pointed out on Sept. 1 and not two months [...]


For three years, we have pushed the City to clean up the Community Maritime Park site and consider making it available to the public. We were told that the land had environmental issues, but our suspicions were that the real issue may have been the homeless colony living on the property. For years, [...]

Cohen: Good? or Bad?

I posted this originally as a reply to a comment, but I think it deserves more attention: The City of Pensacola lost Avalex because of its unresponsiveness. Thaddeus Cohen, the City's Community Development director, could have done a better job of keeping the company in Pensacola. There is no [...]

Pensacola City Council refuses blame

The Pensacola City Council and city staff are still upset over the City losing Avalex and Appriver to the City of Gulf Breeze. No, let me clarify. They are upset that they are being blamed. The truth is the City of Pensacola doesn't adapt well to businesses. There is no one with an attitude of "how [...]

Save the Post Office

Press Release: Dear Supporters Of The Downtown Post Office: As you know, the downtown Pensacola post office is on the chopping block. Despite a meeting with almost 100 individuals opposing closure of the downtown post office this past Tuesday evening, the closure process is still moving [...]

Important meeting on downtown post office

The Downtown Pensacola branch is on the chop list. The Postal Service is giving us a one-time opportunity to discuss alternative options to closing the Downtown Pensacola Branch at a schedule Town Hall Meeting. As a community of Business Owners, Residents, Employees, Government Entities and [...]

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