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Tuesday September 2nd 2014

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Save the Post Office

Press Release: Dear Supporters Of The Downtown Post Office: As you know, the downtown Pensacola post office is on the chopping block. Despite a meeting with almost 100 individuals opposing closure of the downtown post office this past Tuesday evening, the closure process is still moving [...]

Important meeting on downtown post office

The Downtown Pensacola branch is on the chop list. The Postal Service is giving us a one-time opportunity to discuss alternative options to closing the Downtown Pensacola Branch at a schedule Town Hall Meeting. As a community of Business Owners, Residents, Employees, Government Entities and [...]

MPDP has update for CMPA board

Maritime Park Development Partners will present a progress report to the Community Maritime Park Associates Board. The big news is that construction is set to start Sept. 18, 2009. There will be a groundbreaking ceremony at 5:15 p.m. on Sept. 17 pending CMPA approval. More: Development [...]

Leadership evaluations

Leadership evaluations

Why doesn't the Pensacola City Council evaluate its two hires - City Manager Al Coby and City Attorney Rusty Wells? Why doesn't the Escambia County County Commission evaluate Bob McLaughlin, the county administrator? The Mobile County School Board appoints its schools superintendent and it [...]

New council, same problems

New council, same problems

Today the Pensacola City Council has a workshop on the proposed new city charter. The word is the council will do nothing. They will do as their predecessors have done--vote to study it more. As in years past, this council that was elected to change things will try make us believe that studying an [...]

Questioning the DROP of Rusty Wells

This email has been sent to the Pensacola City Council. DROP stands for Deferred Retirement Option Program. City employees are allowed to announce their retirement date and begin collected retirement checks (in an escrow account) while they work for the next five years. ----- Original Message [...]

North Hill utility battle

Letter from Scott Davis: 7/20/09 Dear Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Council Members, and City Attorney: When appearing before you on June 22, 2009, I made the case that AT&T was a less than good neighbor in our Pensacola community. I have heard that AT&T even has a nominal budget for their utility [...]

Pensacola Federal prison ranked #2 Cushiest

Pensacola Federal prison ranked #2 Cushiest

Forbes Magazine ranks the Federal Prison in Pensacola as the sccond cushiest in the system. Why? Prisoners can visit with their families on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in a tree-filled park. The Pensacola camp also has a relatively rare feature that is desirable among federal inmates: proximity [...]

Mack has a plan for Port

In all the hubbub over Blue Angels Week, Santa Claus wanting Ferdinand Plaza and the numerous Sunshine Law investigations, Councilwoman Diane Mack's proposal for putting the Port of Pensacola up for sale got lost. Mack visited the IN offices today to discuss her idea. "I have spoken with [...]

Downtown CRA values are down, too

Downtown CRA valuations are down 4.6 percent. Property Appraiser Chris Jones explained that the DIB decline is greater because it includes tangible property. CRA only involves land and buildings.

More PEDC notes

The meeting was heavily attended. All PEDC members were present: Gene Valentino, Sam Hall, Century Mayor Freddie McCall, Comm. Kevin White, Councilwoman Maren DeWeese, Mort O'Sullivan, Collier Merrill, and Rhette Anderson. Blaise Adams participated over a speaker phone. The meeting was held in [...]

Maren DeWeese releases goals

Councilwoman Maren DeWeese has released her goals for the upcoming City Council workshop: Establish an Education Funding Committee to evaluate scholarships through Pensacola Promise that will be used as an economic development tool. Improve Quality of Life through neighborhood partnerships [...]

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