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Thursday July 2nd 2015

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First Clue for Deluna Treasure Hunt

DeLuna Treasure Hunt Clue One Click Escambia at Florida Public Archeology Network to tour the earliest shipwreck in our state. Use the fish as the link to study the ship. Your key names the coin providing the date. More on Treasure Hunt: The WEAR and West Florida Healthcare DeLuna [...]

Group protests Opera elephants

Elephants at the opera?! Animal rights group protests Pensacola Opera's use of a circus elephant (Pensacola) The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida (ARFF) has sent a letter to the Pensacola Opera protesting the planned appearance of an elephant during the May 1 and 3 performances of Giusseppe [...]

Jailed pilot wants to tell his story

According to Aero-News Network: Jailed pilot Marcus Schrenker, facing a competency hearing in a Pensacola federal court on April 24, is anxious to tell his side of the story of what happened on January 11 when he bailed out of his plane in what the media have termed an attempt to fake his own [...]

Pensions are a problem

BTW: The PNJ editorial board thinks "It's fiscal insanity to play the city pension plan game" We've been writing on that, too. It was one of the issues of the past city council elections. One of the more famous missteps of the campaign season was then-Councilman Mike DeSorbo telling an audience [...]

A year later PNJ writes on pensions

In its Sunday edition, the Pensacola News Journal has a story on how pensions are breaking the city budget. On April 24, 2008, we wrote about this issue (Feed the Beast). We even led with the example of Police Chief John Mathis - just as Jamie Page does: When he retires sometime before June [...]

Sacred Heart to start Internal medicine residency

Sacred Heart announced today that it will start a three-year residency program for internal medicine thanks to an Innovate Workforce grant from Florida's Great Northwest - $200K - and $1M of state funding. Sacred Heart will match the grant with $312K of its own funds. The program will start July [...]

CMP developer agreement finished

The final master developer agreement as been negotiated and agreed to by all parties. It and a cover memo from City Manager Al Coby are posted on City website. CMPA Board will meet Tuesday, April 21 at 1 p.m. to discuss.

Pensacola got punked at tea party

From Keith Olbermann Countdown: Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Pensacola Tea Party

Pensacola Tea Party

About 500 Tea Party protesters lined up in front of University Mall on Davis Highway, one of the busiest streets in Pensacola. Pensacola is a conservative stronghold lying in the Bible Belt and a home to a major military base -- Pensacola Naval Air Station. President Barack Obama earned only 39.8 [...]

Council approves general fund budget…in concept

Yes, the Pensacola City Council approved the General Fund budget, even though they all know that the property tax revenue will not be the same as last year. Unlike other cities around the state, the City of Pensacola has avoided any layoffs. The 19 positions deleted are ones that simply won't be [...]

2009-2010 City Budget

City staff has projected that property tax revenue will stay the same as 2008-2009. Franchise fees and utility taxes will increase $269,200 to cover the estimated $372K lost in state and other revenues. Total revenue is projected to be $48,104,900 - a .002 drop. Expenses will be cut 2 percent - [...]

City to hold another marathon workshop

The Pensacola City Council is meeting in less than to two hours to hear presentations on the 2009-2010 budget. The meeting is scheduled to run from 1:30 to 8 p.m. and will be capped off by a vote to approve the budget. through 6 1/2 hours of presentations? The pressure will be on the council [...]

Pensacola and Escambia get stimulus check

The City of Pensacola is getting $606,500 from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program, funded by President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Escambia County will get $2,361,900. These grants are part of the $168 million given to the state of Florida to help local [...]

Pensacola makes USA Today as destination bargain

USA Today is featuring Pensacola and Pensacola Beach - Bargains, beaches and Blue Angels beckon in Pensacola. The Global Grill, Peg Leg Pete's Oyster Bar, The Oar House and The Fish House get special attention. Great article. Kudos to the Pensacola Chamber, EW Bullock & Associates and am sure [...]

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