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Friday November 27th 2015

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District 3 campaign expenses

Let's contrast District 7 with District 3. Maren DeWeese beat incumbent Mike DeSorbo, 2,541 to 2,220. DeSorbo spent in more in mailouts than DeWeese did in total. Heck, his advertising budget was almost as much as DeWeese's total. Lesson: Money doesn't win single member district races in the [...]

Committee also approves Halcorp lease

By 3-1 vote, Mayor-elect Mike Wiggins was the sole vote against it. Sean Boone was at the meeting. We will post more later today.

Enterprise Committee approves airport hotel deal

By IN reporter Sean Boone After nearly two hours of discussion over the potential lease agreement between the airport and Sandspur Development on Monday, the City Council Enterprise Committee ultimately decided to approve the 11.44-acre agreement with the developer after an alteration to [...]

Halcorp donates to Movement for Change PAC

By IN reporter Sean Boone It's not a shocker that Halcorp--a liquid asphalt company that has had a 20-year contract with the city to do work out of the port--wants an extension to its expiring contract. But what is surprising is where Halcorp has politically invested its money. Back in [...]

Council may reject Endry/Caldwell bid for ESP bldg

City Manager Al Coby and Community Development Director Thaddeus Cohen are commending the Economic and Community Development Committee of the city council reject a bid by Palafox 16, LLC (Tosh Belsinger, Joe Endry, Miller Caldwell, Jr., Miller Caldwell, III and David Brannen) for the former offices [...]

Donovan Mythology: Part Three

Councilman Marty Donovan states in his campaign literature that he will continue "to develop and implement an aggressive economic development strategy." The truth is Donovan has opposed the building of the Community Maritime Park - even though his district voted for it, 2,006-1,562. He has [...]

Donovan Mythology: Part Two

Pensacola City Councilman Marty Donovan also states his campaign literature that he "spearheaded the city's efforts to build 26 major stormwater treatment projects." The truth is the Pensacola City Council approved a stormwater utility to deal with the stormwater problems of Bayou Texar in [...]

Donovan Mythology: Part One

In his campaign literature, Councilman Marty Donovan takes credit for being "Instrumental in getting CSX to remove hundreds of creosote-coated wooden pilings from Bayou Texar at the CSX 17th Avenue railroad crossing." The truth is his opponent, Larry B. Johnson, and Emerald Coastkeepers got CSX [...]

Halcorp invests $5,500 in council

Today the Pensacola City Council's Enterprise Committee will decide whether to renew the lease of the Houston-based asphalt company Halcorp at the Port of Pensacola. Considering the 2007 Council Goals & Priorities Ideas which state "Plan for alternative uses at the Port of Pensacola as [...]

CMPA sets timeline for Master Developer contract

At today’s Board meeting, the Trustees approved the following timeline for the consideration of the Master Developer Agreement: 12/1/08 – 1 p.m. Special CMPA meeting. Draft Agreement with Master Developer received from Dr. Beitsch and released to public. Draft forwarded to City for review [...]

Downtown library has been budgeted since 1999

I've reviewed the City of Pensacola Capital Improvement Plan. The city's website has budgets only as far back as 2003-04. Then plan shows the city had $4 million budgeted for a new downtown library to be spent by 2006-07 fiscal year. What happened to the interest earned on those funds? Should [...]

City districts unequal also

The proposed city charter may address this, but District 2 and 7 are too small. PENSACOLA: 38,505 CITY DISTRICT 1: 5,879 CITY DISTRICT 2: 4,983 CITY DISTRICT 3: 6,123 CITY DISTRICT 4: 6,196 CITY DISTRICT 5: 5,517 CITY DISTRICT 6: 5,162 CITY DISTRICT 7: 4.645

City runoff voting history

I don't think the City of Pensacola has ever had a runoff for an At-Large seat or Mayor, but history shows it doesn't take many votes to win the single member districts. District 2 - Larry Johnson v. Marty Donovan - will probably take 900-950 votes. District 7 - Ronald Townsend v. Jacqueline [...]

Charter review votes for strong mayor

Last night, the Pensacola Charter Review Commission voted overwhelmingly to include a provision for a strong mayor in their proposed charter. Council member Jewel Cannada-Wynn was there in the audience. In the open forum segment, Cannada-Wynn let the commission know that she wasn't happy that we [...]

Cost of Pensacola Council runoff

David Stafford, Escambia County Supervisor of Elections, says, "I asked staff to estimate and they came up with a very rough figure of $40,000. Again, just an estimate." Who pays for it? "The city bears the cost of the election. Real costs incurred, that is, beyond the normal operation of [...]

City precincts in other races

P.C. Wu (Dist. 1), Sam Hall (Dist. 2) and Jewel Cannada-Wynn (Dist. 6) won all their precincts handily. Maren DeWeese (Dist. 3) won her race in Pct. 3 East Hill Baptist - where she beat incumbent Mike DeSorbo, 1088-752. Larry Johnson (Dist. 4) beat incumbent Marty Donovan in all their [...]

Precincts on City-wide races

J.D. Smith did beat Megan Pratt in one precinct (110 - Pensacola Christian) 32-30. C.J. Lewis and Eric Schmitz outpolled Mayor-elect Mike Wiggins at Pct. 47 - West Pensacola VFD, 10-9-8. New Hope saw Lewis tie Wiggins 1-1, Diane Mack tie Jack Nobles 1-1, and Pratt tie Smith, 1-1. Must be a [...]

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