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Wednesday October 1st 2014

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Buzz: Unrest over Steen death

The Pensacola Police Department is hitting the internet to find witnesses to the death of 17-year-old Victor Damarius Steen. The teen was shot with a Taser by Officer Jerald Ard in the early hours of Saturday, October 3. Ard then ran over Steen. Customers outside of Sluggo's are telling us it was a [...]

Oops, PNJ mistakes net for gross

In Oct. 15, 2005 presentation to the Pensacola City Council, the City staff made it clear that the net funding to the Community Maritime Park would be $40 million---and that is the contractual obligation that the City has to the park. It always been understood that the bond issue would have to be [...]

Life in prison for Pensacola minor

Life in prison for Pensacola minor

The Wall Street Journal reports today on the US Supreme Court hearing on Nov. 9 arguments about the sentence of life in prison without parole when imposed on juvenile. One of the two cases involves Joe Sullivan, who was convicted 20 years ago of breaking into a Pensacola home, stealing jewelry and [...]

Should City borrow money for interest?

The Pensacola City Council will decide this week whether its bond issue for the Community Maritime Park should include $4.9 million to pay interest on the bond while the park is constructed. My question is why? In the PNJ, Dick Barker says the extra money would be used to level out those poor [...]

PPD had Taser problems in 2005

PPD had Taser problems in 2005

Pensacola Police Officer Jerald Ard has been suspended and is under FDLE investigation for firing his Taser as he chased a man who was fleeing on a bicycle early Saturday morning in Brownsville and the running over the man with his patrol car. The fleeing man, who the PPD have yet to identify, [...]

More buzz: CMP and Christmas Lights

Work began on the Community Maritime Park yesterday. Mayor Mike Wiggins is working with DIB and local businesses to keep the downtown Christmas lights.

CRA budget – the rest of the story

The 2008-09 budget of the Pensacola's Community Redevelopment Agency was rolled back to 2006-07 levels because of the economic downturn. The PNJ made a big deal out of CRA not having funds for streetscapes and neighborhoods because of its financial commitments to the Community Maritime Park and [...]

City will pay postage

The Pensacola City Council agreed last night to pay the return postage on the charter referendum. After about a 90-minute discussion---which included Mayor Mike Wiggins defended his political career and the effectiveness of the current council--- the first reading of the charter passed. The [...]

Charter on the agenda

What will the Pensacola City Council do about the proposed city charter? It appears Mayor Mike Wiggins and Councilman P.C. Wu are against it. Will they try to change the wording of the referendum or let it go as agreed by the Charter Review Commission and the City Attorney? Watch and see. Two [...]

Paying to vote on Charter

The Pensacola City Council appears poised to set November 24 as the date for vote on the proposed city charter. It will be a mail ballot. Unfortunately, the City Council doesn't won't to pay for the return postage ----about $5K if only 25 percent of the voters actually vote. This seems a little off [...]

Cohen’s CRA reimbursement memo

You asked for: City Council Memo re CRA Reimbursement

Judge Collier responds to Cohen’s request

MEMORANDUM To: Community Maritime Park Associates Board of Trustees From: Lacey A. Collier, Chairman, Community Maritime Park Association Board of Trustees CC: Al Coby, City Manager, Mr. Thaddeus Cohen, Executive Director, City of Pensacola Community Redevelopment Agency, Edward Spears, [...]

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