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Tuesday March 31st 2015

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More buzz: Eagan fallout

The word we're getting off the record from city officials is that the effective fallout of the petition drive is that the City Council must postpone the bond issue for 60 days. The delay is going to put the Florida New Market Tax Credits ($2 million) at risk at the very least. Dick Barker is [...]

Was Eagan deal a publicity stunt?

Did Tim Eagan "play" the city and the daily newspaper to get attention for his petition drive and development plan? Tuesday morning few people knew that Tim Eagan was doing a petition against the bond vote. There were rumors of others doing a petition, but there is always somebody doing a petition [...]

Buzz: Eagan rescinds city agreement

We are hearing that Tim Eagan has now rescinded his agreement with the city. Don't know if this means that he will go ahead with his petition drive against the bond vote and how much he will the city by his actions.

Oops, Eagan has a Santa Rosa Co. case

Case 572008CF000463XXAXMX is still open. His court date is 11/03/2009. 1 STATUTE: 489.127.1f... CONTRACTING WITHOUT A LICENSE DURING STATE OF EMERGENCY Filed 3/24/2008 2 STATUTE: 817.034.4a1...ORGANIZED FRAUD ($50,000 OR MORE) filed 04/08/2008 Hmmm, just kind of person that the city [...]

Threats work in city government

Threats work in city government

It's unbelievable that the Pensacola City Council has reduced itself to being held "hostage" by the threat of a convicted felon starting a petition drive. I can somewhat forgive Sam Hall because he met with Tim Eagan at the request of city staff. However, putting anyone on the agenda of a council [...]

Influenza Vaccination Week

Press Release: Mayor Mike Wiggins Declares Oct. 11 - 17 Influenza Vaccination Week Pensacola/Escambia County Public Health, Education Officials Join Mayor Mike Wiggins to Help Increase Escambia County Seasonal Flu Immunization Rates What: Mayor Mike Wiggins has declared Oct. 11 - 17 Influenza [...]

United Airlines connects Pensacola with D.C.

United Airlines connects Pensacola with D.C.

This afternoon United Airlines and Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport announced twice-daily, non-stop service between Pensacola and Washington Dulles International Airport, beginning Feb. 11, 2010. The United Express service will be operated by Mesa Airlines using 50-seat Canadair regional jets.

Voter deadline for city referendum

Press Release OCTOBER 26TH IS VOTER REGISTRATION DEADLINE FOR PENSACOLA CITY CHARTER REFERENDUM SAMPLE BALLOT AND ELECTION INFORMATION POSTED ONLINE Escambia County Supervisor of Elections David H. Stafford today announced that Monday, October 26, 2009 is the last day to register to vote for [...]

Port dreamer admits to crack usage

We got a copy of Tim Eagan's arrest report. In January 2008, he tried to convince a Tom Thumb clerk that he had bought two cans of fix-a-flat at the store and wanted a refund. He told the arresting officer that "he just recently began using crack cocaine again and was attempting to get cash for a [...]

Felon threatens to halt CMP bond issuance

Convicted criminal, Tim Eagan, tried to force the Pensacola City Council to listen to his grand plans for the Port of Pensacola by threatening a petition drive to rescind the council's vote on the maritime park bonds. A quick look at the Clerk of Courts found over 50 charges for writing worthless [...]

More City data for you

Pensacola population is actually less today than it was in 1980 (57,794) per the city’s bondholder’s report. Escambia County is up 35 percent for the same period. Update: I did a little more digging. The 1960 census was 56,752---so Pensacola has 379 fewer people than 40 years ago. The [...]

Ten years of City Government

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) have a wealth of information on the current Pensacola government. Pensacola has lost population over the past ten years. Pensacola had 60,994 people in 1999. By 2008, the city population had shrunk to 56,373—a 7.5 percent loss. Meanwhile, [...]

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