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Wednesday April 23rd 2014

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College tuition idea catches fire

Council member Maren DeWeese's idea of starting a fund to pay for the college tuition for local high school students was the talk of the weekend. Parents are excited about the concept which is modeled after Kalamazoo Promise. It definitely would give families are reason to live inside the city [...]

Crawfish Festival is booming

Just got back from the Fiesta Crawfish Festival. The IN staff took a break and walked done to Bartram Park. The crawfish are excellent!

“Why we are firefighters”

This comment was posted elsewhere on the blog. I think it deserves more attention: After the pension workshop I had a few thoughts I felt compelled to write down… you; however, are not compelled to read this. Feel free to share this page of ranting… I type fast… I appreciate the forum [...]

Gun Shots

Gun Shots

Pensacola shop owner sent me this photo: "I enjoyed reading your article about the shootings in Pensacola. On a recent Saturrday I got to work to discover a bullet hole in one of my store front widows. I thought you might like the picture. The police officer who came out really just wrote [...]

Buzz: Florida Senate passes consolidation

Just got a text message the local bill to form a consolidation commission passed the Florida Senate, YEAS 38 NAYS 0

Bruno/Food World has a buyer

The Mobile Press Register reports that C&S Wholesale Grocers of Keene, N.H., the wholesaler that supplies Bruno's and Food World, is the bidder most likely to seek a large number of stores in the bankruptcy auction scheduled for Wednesday. The wholesaler is likely to seek as many as 30 more to [...]

Council moms tackle parks

Council member Megan Pratt is in the PNJ for pushing her idea of creating a natural playground near the new Tryon Branch library. Read more. Council member Maren DeWeese led on Saturday a group of volunteers, which included off duty firefighters, to clear out the brush on the city park on the [...]

Tallahassee Charter Review only took three months

The Pensacola Charter Review Commission is in its 16th or 17th month of deliberation. It took five months to appoint the committee after John Peacock first approached the Pensacola City Council in June 2007. Tallahassee just finished its charter review. The process took three months. Here are [...]

Free Wifi downtown

In 2006, we had free WiFi downtown as part of our Ballsy Plan. Three years later the DIB is ready to launch it. Press Release: The Downtown Improvement Board (DIB) is officially launching free downtown wireless service for vendors and visitors to Martin Luther King Plaza and the surrounding [...]

Miller leaves airport post. Hall isn’t sad.

Frank Miller is the new aviation director of the San Antonio International Airport. He has been director of Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport since 1987. San Antonio City Manager Sheryl Sculley announced Miller's appointment yesterday. The San Antonio International Airport is in the midst of [...]

Pensacola Jeff wins honor

The website BuzzFlash has named the Pensacola blogger Jeff who punked the crowd at the Pensacola Tea Party (see video) and was seen on Keith Olbermann's Countdown as it Wings of Honor winner. It took a blogger with courage to take on the local Republican Party sponsored "Tea Party" in Pensacola, [...]

Local retired admiral denies email

The Virginian-Pilot reports that retired Rear Adm. Lou Sarosdy denies that he wrote a wide-circulated email that criticizes President Barack Obama for not authorizing the military to act more aggressively during the stand-off, which ended with snipers killing three Somali pirates. The e-mail claims [...]

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