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Sunday December 21st 2014

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Power of the Pensacola voter

Under the present charter, Pensacola voters have very little power. A voter can not impact the direction, programs or initiatives of Pensacola government, without the consent of the city manager and his staff. A Pensacola voter can elect only four council members --his/her district, two at-large [...]

Don Caton replaced his father as city attorney

The insider of control of the Pensacola City Attorney position goes back further than I realized. Don Caton replaced his father, Dave Caton, as the city attorney. Dave Caton was City Attorney from 1967-1971 -which means for 42 years the position has been handed down from one assistant city attorney [...]

Fairchild speaks

Charles Fairchild also addressed the Pensacola City Council to announce the formation of his latest Political Action Committee - "No Boss Mayor." He tells the council that under the new charter that the council will have no power. -------------- What are the powers of the current city [...]

City Council fails to open hire, for 39 years

The current council-manager system isn't working. It has become a weak mayor-weak council system. The Pensacola City Council, under the current charter, has two hires, city manager and city administrator. The Council has failed to open the city attorney position to interviews outside the city's [...]

Tallahassee Charter is longer

Tallahassee Charter is longer

Opponents to the proposed charter appear to be upset that the new city charter is 21 pages....actually it's 18 if don't count the cover page and index, but the naysayers never let facts get in their way of a negative opinion. I'm not sure why length is so important...I guess it insinuates that [...]

Important points about Tallahassee City Council

Important points about Tallahassee City Council

Tallahassee only has five council members, if you include the mayor. Pensacola has ten, including the mayor. The Tallahassee city council members are at-large, meaning the entire city votes on the positions. The at-large districts haven't hurt minority participation in government. Both the [...]

What was the charter commission charged to do?

Charles Fairchild has a new pet phrase to fight the charter: "Review, not redo." The insinuation is that the Charter Review Commission overstepped its charge from the city council. Others have already started to pick up on the same misstatement. From the City's 2008-2009 Budget: "The Charter [...]

Caton video

Here is the video of former City Attorney Don Caton addressing the Pensacola City Council on the charter proposal during open forum. ... The Tallahassee charter review that Caton mentions took place in 1996---13 years ago. Caton doesn't mention that they actually adopted a hybrid form of [...]

What is in the proposed charter? Article III

I will try to breakdown the various parts of the proposed charter. Article III – Elected Positions Sec. 3.01 Form of Government * Separates the Mayor from the City Council, reducing the size of the council to nine members---seven single-member districts, two at-large seats. This allows the [...]

PAC man wisdom

This quote is from another Viewpoint by Charlie Fairchild: "City Hall usually undertakes studies to provide the verification and justification of some heavily biased, expensive and usually unrealistic staff proposal. Generally taxpayers see through this charade, voice objections and the plan [...]

Once upon a time…

There was a time that Charlie Fairchild, the new head of the PAC against the proposed charter, regularly attacked city government....He labeled it "City Hall" so as to include city staff and the city council. He is quite a prolific letter and viewpoint writer to the daily newspaper. Here are some [...]

Caton upset with blog

A friend called last night to let me know that Don Caton wasn't too happy with me and this blog for publishing his pension benefits. Caton served as city attorney for 34 years and 3 years as an assistant city attorney. His pension is a public record. We actually first published it on our April 2008 [...]

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