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Tuesday July 22nd 2014

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Pratt may try one more time on pensions

One of the big issues during the 2008 city election season was the city pensions - which are costing about $14 million a year to fund. Councilwoman Diane Mack has tried to get funding for a comprehensive study of pensions and benefits, but they failed at the Monday committee [...]

Pratt tackles pensions and benefits

Pensacola City Councilwoman Megan Pratt has posted on her website her recommendations for city pensions and benefits. She has reviewed the plans from Gulf Power, Baskerville-Donovan, O’Sullivan Creel, Escambia County, and others to see how we can get the city benefit/pension packages in line with [...]

Chamber behind Mobile success

Commissioner Gene Valentino and his PR person, Jane Birdwell, make much of the Mobile success story. Mobile outshines Pensacola in the economic development arena. I wouldn't want to live there but there is no disputing that Mobile has been tremendously successful over the past 20 years. We [...]

IN investigation of the Airport Hotel deal

The two primary negotiators of the Airport Hotel Lease are gone - Frank Miller and Robert Payne. In December 2008, IN paid $187.16 to get copies of the city emails concerning the deal. The second appraisal and the appraisal review came to light when Bob Kerrigan made a public records request [...]

What happened on November 17, 2008?

I have reviewed the actual video of the Enterprise Operations for Nov. 17. Jack Nobles is the chairman. Robert Payne, then asst. City manager, is the one who gave the background on the agreement. Rusty Wells was present. Frank Miller, Airport Director, is presenting the lease to the committee [...]

New City Charter near completion

The Pensacola City Charter Review Commission is almost ready to release their proposed charter. It calls for a strong mayor will be "exercise the executive powers of the City and supervise all departments." He will serve a four-year term. The City Council will become the legislative branch. [...]

Inner City Soccer update

Steve Sharp has been working hard to bring youth soccer to the inner city area. Although the Pensacola City Council chose to move LOST funds away from soccer and use it for bathrooms for the new tennis courts at Roger Scott, Sharp and his group are forging ahead. In all fairness, many of the [...]

Wiggins gives Pensacola Promise the cold shoulder

Wiggins gives Pensacola Promise the cold shoulder

After listening to hours on schools, bathrooms for Roger Scott, freedom of speech lawsuits and wage/benefit comparison studies, Mayor Mike Wiggins shot down Council member Maren DeWeese's college scholarship before she even had a chance to explain it and ask the council to form a task force. [...]

Enterprise lasts under 10 minutes

Go, P.C.! Go! The only bumps in the road were Diane Mack asking about using local contractors for airport demolition of existing rental car service facilities... answer: No.; Larry Johnson asked about some lot clearing on 12th avenue....answer: Working on overflow parking lot and some ECUA work on [...]

Neighborhood committee lasts an hour

Fairly heavy agenda. Sam Hall did a good job of keeping it moving. Other than the Roger Scott Tennis bathrooms, the other big item was the possible lawsuit of Saint Faustina Old Catholic Church v. City of Pensacola. Hall made the motion to have staff and the legal department work with the attorneys [...]

Tennis bathrooms win over youth soccer

Tennis bathrooms win over youth soccer

The Neighborhoods committee approved the reallocation of LOST funds from youth soccer fields to bathrooms for the new clay courts at Roger Scott Tennis Center. City staff argued that the fields aren't needed. Although Jewel Cannada-Wynn and Diane Mack questioned the reallocation, the committee [...]

OMG: City Council spends 20 minutes discussing schools

OMG: City Council spends 20 minutes discussing schools

For the past 20 minutes, the Pensacola City Council has spent time convincing each other that the Escambia County School Board should give the city land - for low income housing, business incubator. What a waste of time! The topic is the City's interlocal agreement over school planning. Mayor [...]

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