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Friday November 27th 2015

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HT Makes Second Offer on ECUA Property

The Emerald Coast Utilities Authority has received a second offer from HT Land Co. to purchase a 19-acre parcel of property in downtown Pensacola. “I just got the offer a couple of hours ago,” ECUA Executive Director Steve Sorrell said this morning. Last month, the ECUA board [...]

Wrestling with the CMPA & Selling the City

Wrestling with the CMPA & Selling the City

Toward the tail end of Monday’s two-plus hours of discussion regarding the leasing process for properties at the Community Maritime Park, City Attorney Jim Messer boiled it down to one sentence. “This is just a simple declarative statement: the CMPA negotiates the lease,” he told the [...]

Evers’ Blackwater Backyard

A Northwest Florida senator is working to bring oil drilling close to home—his home. As Senator Greg Evers’ bill encouraging drilling on public lands—specifically, in Blackwater River State Forest—heads to the Environmental Preservation and Conservation Committee tomorrow morning, the IN [...]