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Thursday July 30th 2015

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Podcast: Buck Lee talks about Pensacola Beach

Podcast: Buck Lee talks about Pensacola Beach

On Monday, Buck Lee, SRIA general manager, came on Pensacola Speaks to talk about the future of the SRIA.

SRIA to Consider Dogs on Beach

The Santa Rosa Island Authority will conduct the second public hearing this evening concerning the possibility of allowing dogs limited access to Pensacola Beach. Last month, the SRIA heard from a full gallery of citizens during the first public hearing. Some urged the officials to consider [...]

Dogs on the Beach?

Dogs on the Beach?

With every chair in the chamber filled, people began lining up along the wall. Those arriving late to the Santa Rosa Island Authority meeting last night would have to listen from the lobby. The big draw? The board’s first public hearing regarding the possibility of allowing dogs on the beach. [...]

Grover’s Over Plan B (For Now)

Though he maintains that Pensacola Beach needs attention, Escambia County Commissioner Grover Robinson has backed away from the proposed Plan B following a pair of public meetings on the subject this week. “The people don’t see it yet, so there’s no reason to push something they don’t [...]

The Beach’s Other Bridge

The Beach’s Other Bridge

It’d been a long night down at the Santa Rosa Island Authority meeting. The packed-house gallery had said their piece and board members had tossed motion after motion onto a merciless table. SRIA Vice Chairman Vernon Prather threw one more motion before the board in attempt to score a [...]

BP walks out of Crist’s Oil Spill Meeting

Yesterday, Gov. Crist held an Oil Spill Economic Recovery Task Force Meeting at the University of West Florida. According to reports I received from the meeting, BP was there in full force. BP VP of Resources Darryl "What you talkin' about" Willis made a presentation on the claims process. After [...]

Beach Resident reacts to Health Department’s Advisory

It was distressing to read the article on the front page of the Pensacola News Journal today in which it was reported that John Lanza lifted the health advisory for Pensacola Beach. John Lanza is the Director of the Escambia County Health Department which is charged with protecting the health and [...]

SRIA misuses beautification funds

The Santa Rosa Island Authority has a beautification fund. Has the SRIA used that fund to buy equipment to get the tar balls and oil off the beach? No. How about buying a skimmer or another sand rake/sifter? No. The SRIA voted last Wednesday to pay $500,000 to build a stage on private [...]

Viewpoint on Beach Master Plan

Viewpoint on Beach Master Plan

WITH HURRICANE ROUNDABOUT ON THE HORIZON, NOW IS THE TIME TO PREPARE A Viewpoint of the Pensacola Beach Master Plan By John F. Asmar As a lifelong resident of the Gulf Coast, we all know that hurricane season begins on June 1st. However, for residents of Escambia County, hurricane season is [...]

Beach Master Plan catching heat

Beach Master Plan catching heat

The SRIA has been working on a new master plan for the commercial core of Pensacola Beach. The buzz is that the SRIA has gotten such a bad response from the general public at the last two meetings, that the chair Tammy Bohannon has called a special meeting for Friday, March 5 at 2 p.m. to allow for [...]

Former SRIA board member says he was micro-managed

Former SRIA board member says he was micro-managed

IN interviewed Kelly Robinson to find out what really happened in 2007 when Commissioner Gene Valentino removed him for the Santa Rosa Island Authority board. The heart of the problem was the proposed changes that would allow condo-hotels on Pensacola Beach (A Hotel of a Problem). “I [...]

Unpaid Pensacola Beach taxes

Tax Collector Janet Holley presented at today's agenda workshop a summary of the outstanding property taxes from Pensacola Beach leaseholders. All Pending Beach Litigation Cases - taxes from 2004-2007 Unpaid: County $8,100,419.33 School $7,624,603.03, Water Mgmt $46,043.81 Total [...]

Throwing Stones

The Santa Rosa Island Authority allowed developers to build huge highrise condominiums in the core commercial and entertainment area of Pensacola Beach. Now the owners are upset that the bands are playing too loud at the night clubs. We see the same complaints in downtown Pensacola. Mixed use [...]

What ever happened to condo-hotels?

Last spring, Pensacola Beach, the Santa Rosa Island Authority and the Escambia county commission debated and studied for weeks whether to allow the new lodging hybrid - the condo-hotel - on Pensacola Beach. One SRIA lost his position over it. The Escambia County Commission approved an ordinance [...]

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