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State has budget crisis of its own

June 28, 2007

The reports from Tallahassee are that since March, the state has taken in millions less in sales taxes than it anticipated. The state collected nearly $300 million less sales taxes than expected for the months of…


St. Joe sells off 4000 acres

September 26, 2006

Miami Herald: St. Joe Co. – the state’s largest private land owner and the company behind much of the development in Walton and Bay counties – wants to sell the state 4,000 acres in Northwest Florida…


More Swiftboating in Florida elections

September 25, 2006

  Remember the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth – the “independent” politcal group that attack Sen. John Kerry’s military service during the 2004 presidential election? Well, Florida is inundated similar groups who are pumping millions into statewide…


Jim Davis to eat at Granny’s – don’t tell Ron Melton

September 20, 2006

Newsflash: Florida Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Davis and Lt. Governor Nominee Daryl Jones to visit Pensacola THIS Saturday, September 23rd… PLEASE mark your calendars…  Join nominees Jim Davis and Daryl Jones this Saturday at a breakfast…


Crist, Davis to pick running mates

September 13, 2006

Charlie Crist (Rep) and Jim Davis (Dem ) are expected to announce today who will be their Lt. Gov. candidates. The rumored possible running mates are – Crist: From the State House: Rep. Jeff Kottkamp, R-Cape…


Early Analysis of FL Gov Race

September 7, 2006

This from Political Wire  ————————————————————————–       In Florida, Crist to Face Davis for Governor       CQ Politics says the results of yesterday’s primary elections for governor “suggest that the Republican nominee, state Attorney General Charlie Crist,…


Smith may be catching Davis

September 1, 2006

Rod Smith is gaining momentum in the race to be the Democratic nominee for Florida’s governor.  We have heard that a new poll will be released this weekend that shows Smith ahead of Jim Davis for…


Crist, Davis lead polls…still plenty of undecideds

August 31, 2006

From Miami Herald: POLL Crist keeps wide lead; Smith gains on Davis By MARY ELLEN KLAS Attorney General Charlie Crist’s formidable lead over Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher in the Republican primary for governor appears…


Cleland claims Davis under swiftboat attack

August 29, 2006

From: Former U.S. Senator Max Cleland   I am writing to you today to bring your attention to some very disturbing news.  Jim Davis, a loyal Democrat who has spent over 17 years in public service…


Hot, Hot, Hot – 8/28/06

August 29, 2006

Top 10 hot items Stop Our City Blab Show #1 – review PNJ takes editorial stand in favor of CM PNJ scares up sells SOC supporter plays What if game Deputy breaks 21 yr old’s arm…then…


Enterprise Florida cash cow for members….especially BellSouth

August 27, 2006

The St. Petersburg Times has published a special report on Enterprise Florida: Deal me in. Enterprise Florida is the public-private partnership responsible for leading Florida’s statewide economic development efforts. Most importantly, it determines where state incentive…


Best Florida Headlines – 8/26/06

August 26, 2006

From Miami Herald: Big Sugar plays rough in governor race Jim Davis has attacked Big Sugar’s support of his opponent Rod Smith, and Big Sugar has fought back to the tune of $1.7 million. They are…


Florida papers: Insurance breaks, GOP debate analysis

August 23, 2006

From Miami Herald: Building-rule break stands in Panhandle A state building panel voted to let the Panhandle keep some exemptions from windstorm building codes. Critics say the move will aggravate the insurance crisis. St. Pete Times:…


Florida by the numbers

August 21, 2006

From the St. Pete Times: 33.8 Percentage of Florida residents in 2003 who were born in the state, according to a new U.S. Census Bureau report. 45.9 Percentage of Florida residents who were born in a…