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Monday March 30th 2015

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CRA’s Backdoor?

Pensacola City Council members are once again split on what Mayor Ashton Hayward can and cannot—and should or should not—do. The familiar debate over the particulars of the city’s new strong-mayor form of government this time originated from the realm of the downtown Community Redevelopment [...]

Bare endorses Wiggins

Bare endorses Wiggins

Charles Bare, who received 1,763 (13.6 percent) votes in Tuesday's primary, has issued a statement supporting Mayor Mike Wiggins as Pensacola's first strong mayor. In his press release, Bare wrote, “I believe Mike is open to my ideas and will work diligently to help a city that is suffering from [...]

Buzz: Where’s Mike?

For the past two days, I've been asked why hasn't Pensacola Mike Wiggins spoke out against the petition drive by former councilmen Jack Nobles and Marty Donovan. He might not want to challenge his son's father-in-law (Nobles), but he could stand up for the park and the contracts the City has [...]

Jobs are the issue for the first strong mayor

Better Pensacola Forum Press Release Poll Indicates Jobs and Public Safety Top Voters Concerns Pensacola, FL-Pensacola’s citizens believe their next mayor should have job creation and economic growth very high on his or her radar screen while making sure basic city responsibilities like [...]

Buzz: City musical chairs

Buzz: City musical chairs

This is the buzz on the Pensacola city elections. We are expecting to see people file for the mayor's race before the end of the month. Mayor Mike Wiggins appears to be ready to make a run at strong mayor. Council member Diane Mack may even announce today that she is running for mayor. If [...]

The transition to new city government begins Jan 1

The transition to new city government begins Jan 1

City Attorney Rusty Wells issued today a memo to Mayor Mike Wiggins on the new charter, which I have received a copy of. It's a preview to the full presentation Wells plans to give to the City Council at its Committee of the Whole meeting on Dec. 14. The new charter goes into effect January 1 and [...]

BTW: Al Coby does his job out of the Sunshine

Yesterday, Pensacola City Manager Al Coby did his job as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the city without a reporter sitting in his office. He met with department heads, staff and the public without posting an agenda for the meetings or making them open for the press to see and hear. Coby may [...]

Tampa lays off city workers

The Sarasota Herald Tribune reports that Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio announced he was laying off 100 more city workers. He also outlined a three-year plan to make 11 changes to make government more efficient. The changes are expected to save the city about $3.4 million annually. Last June Iorio laid [...]

Strong mayor at PYP Meeting

The Pensacola Young Professional’s will host its next Forward Focus meeting Sept. 11 beginning at 5:15 p.m. with networking, meeting to follow at 5:30 p.m. The main agenda item is the strong mayor issue. Jerry Maygarden and John Peacock will address the pros and cons of the strong mayor [...]

Calling for Change

From John Peacock: DESPARATELY WANTED/NEEDED – CHANGE!!! Over the past few weeks there has been much discussion within our community about our system(s) of government, consolidation of services, and the overall leadership abilities or capabilities of our elected officials.  This is a great [...]

Real strong mayor question

Real strong mayor question

The real question on everyone's mind about the strong mayor in Pensacola is - What if we elect Jack Nobles, Tom Banjanin or Marty Donovan as the strong mayor? Folks, that's how democracy and elections work. People vote - sometimes wisely, sometimes foolishly. However, we can boot them from [...]

Absolutely stupidest question ever

Absolutely stupidest question ever

In the Sunday, Aug. 19 edition of the News Journal, John Peacock, an advocate for the strong mayor system of government for the City of Pensacola, is asked: " As a financial adviser, some may say you're potentially looking to gain personally, meaning that a strong mayor with a vision to help larger [...]

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