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Thursday November 26th 2015

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Reynolds’ Clarification, Cosson’s Reprimandation

City of Pensacola Administrator Bill Reynolds has made a statement pertaining to City Spokesman Derek Cosson’s anonymous commenting on local blogs, or rather the chain of command at city hall. The administrator previously stated that Cosson acted on the instruction of a superior who no longer [...]

‘No Further Comment’

It remains unclear who exactly instructed the city of Pensacola’s spokesman to launch an anonymous blog-commenting campaign in which he endorsed various aspects of Mayor Ashton Hayward’s agenda while criticizing entities viewed by the administration as political adversaries—including the [...]

Disparity Study Pushed Back

The disparity study currently being conducted for the city of Pensacola should be done by the end of June. Originally, the study was to wrap up in May. “Our hope is to present that to the council during the July meeting,” said city spokesperson Travis Peterson. Peterson attributed the [...]

Government Street Meeting Cancelled

Tonight’s public meeting concerning the opening of Government Street has been cancelled. City officials are apparently still studying the issue. Travis Peterson, spokesman for Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward, said the possibility of connecting Government Street—which currently dead-ends—to [...]