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Thursday November 26th 2015

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Meek: “Leadership isn’t being in Pensacola to see the first drop of oil.”

I spoke yesterday with Congressman Kendrick Meek, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate. Meek was in New York City and had just finished an interview on MSNBC, where he talked about the BP oil disaster. We talked about the mismanagement of the Vessels of Opportunity program and the lack of [...]

What is the truth?

What is the truth?

From News Journal article ("Chemicals will protect the Gulf, Rep. Miller says"): "Adm. Thad Allen, the commandant of the Coast Guard, said the spill has become much more difficult to contain. As the oil has spread, it has formed different consistencies, from a widespread sheen that can be skimmed [...]

Meek: Too small to fail

Meek: Too small to fail

Congressman Kendrick Meek, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, stopped by the IN offices for a few minutes before his meeting with the PNJ editorial board. Meek held an open forum last night on offshore drilling and the BP oil spill. Today he is headed to the joint command center in Mobile, [...]

Nelson meets with BP CFO

From Nelson (I assume he called the 1-800 number to get the appointment: During a meeting I just had with the CEO of BP I put a number of questions to Tony Hayward directly and bluntly: • Any idea when you’re really going to be able to cap this well? • Can you guarantee the Gulf of [...]

BP Blueprint for Pensacola

BP Blueprint for Pensacola

After fighting the oil giant for four years, Texas attorney Brent Coon says, “Nobody knows more about BP than we do.” Coon heads Brent Coon & Associates, Beaumont, Texas law firm with 12 offices across the country. His firm has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a rig worker injured in the [...]

Miller wants BP to escrow funds

Congressman Jeff Miller is worried about the impact of cleaning up the BP oil spill will have on local governments that are already operating under tight budgets. Miller told us at the press conference at the Escambia County EOC that plans to work the Congressional delegation from the other Gulf [...]

White House gets new website

The Obama techie team has been hard at work redesigning the White House website. Check it out - here