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Tea Party upset over fracking comments

April 6, 2012

Mike Papantonio and my exchange over BP leasing land in Ohio for fracking caught the attention of the Tea Party,or at least something called “NorthEast Tea Party Patriots.” A Brian Maloney sees the questionable drilling practice– that appears to be causing environmental issues in every state where it’s allowed–has a job creator.

Here is the exchange:

OUTZEN: I was just looking on Yahoo, BP just leased 84,000 acres in Ohio. Now what could go wrong when BP gets into fracking?!

PAPANTONIO: Why did they do it? Because the politics allowed ’em to do it.

OUTZEN: Exactly.

PAPANTONIO: It used to be you had a political system that said, wait just a sec, let’s look at what, let’s look at how fracking has destroyed the health of thousands of Americans, has killed thousands of Americans, has contanimated the aquifer, has poisoned the air, has destroyed actual soil that’ll never be rejuvenated and be usable. But in Ohio, look at the story behind the story. The Republicans allowed it to happen because they’re not even a political party, Rick. They’re not a political party. All they are is a corporate entity.

Maloney, of course, defends the practice. Read here.

It constantly amazes me what upsets people.

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