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Tom, Ann, Buddy’s Foreclosure?

February 5, 2012

Pensacola City Council on Monday, will take up the issue of filing a lawsuit against the owners of Tom, Ann, Buddy’s. Frequently attracting the attention of authorities— recently a police officer shot a patron in the parking lot—the bar may also now face foreclosure.

The city is looking to file suit against Donald A. Markham and Vaughn T. Markham, owners of the 1917 W. Cervantes St. establishment, because they have racked up $22,738.50 worth of code-enforcement liens. The city opened a code enforcement case on the business in May 2008 due to a questionable roof, which was covered by a tarp due to damage.

On Oct. 7, 2008, the city began charging the business a $15 a day fine until it was brought into compliance. In January of 2010, the amount was upped to $50 per day because the business was still out of compliance.

By November 2010, the Markhams had brought the building up to code, though they had operated their business the entire time. No payments have been made on the fine.

In the lawsuit, city officials are aiming to foreclose and collect fees. The matter will be discussed at the city council’s Committee of the Whole meeting at 3:15 p.m. Monday.

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