Escambia County

Touart and McNesby being sued for not paying BP clean-up workers properly

November 8, 2012

On the day George Touart was being named Escambia County’s interim county administrator, he, his son Matthew and former Sheriff Ron McNesby were served for a federal lawsuit under the Federal Labor Standards Act. The suit was filed by attorney J.J. Talbott on the behalf of one of the trio’s former employees, William Burgess, in regard to his employment for their companies—Midwest Environmental Resources, Global Employment Services, Global Professional Solutions and PEC d/b/a Premier Safety Management.

The Touarts, McNesby and their companies were subcontractors as part of the BP oil spill clean-up operations. The court documents claim that each defendant has annual revenue of. at least, $500,000.

They hired Burgess on or about June 25, 2010 to perform clean-up duties in association with the April 2010 oil spill. His duties included locating, collecting and disposing of oil and oil debris on our beaches. His pay was to be $14/hour for 40 hours/week and $21/hr for any overtime.

Burgess alleges that the Touarts and McNesby failed to pay him for each and every hour that he worked, and as a result was not paid at least the minimum wage for each hour worked. He was allegedly not paid overtime wages when he worked in excess of 40 hours. He states in the court documents that the defendants didn’t maintain proper records on the hours he worked.

Read suit: Touart lawsuit.

Has George Touart told the commissioners about this lawsuit? Has he given them a list of his businesses, clients, vendors and business partners?

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