Two strikes on Spencer

April 3, 2012

Pensacola City Councilman Brian Spencer represents a district with wide disparities -rich-poor, black-white, large corporations-minimum wage workers. Some of Pensacola’s wealthiest neighborhoods and some of its poorest are in his district. While focusing on downtown is rewarding-personally, politically and professionally-for Spencer, the areas above Garden Street need attention, too.

I was saddened and bewildered by Spencer’s positions on the opening of Government Street and the relocation of the Cobra helicopter. Not so much the positions, but the lack of time spent listening to his constituents. With all the hurt and pain in the poorer neighborhoods of District 6 over Trayvon Martin, poverty, racial disparities and public education, why did he choose to make an old helicopter a big issue?

Is this what the city really needs to be debating on the front page of the daily newspaper?

Imagine if Spencer had invested the same energy in trying to save Spencer Bibbs Elementary last year. Or helping A.A. Dixon. Or working with the churches to put on more job fairs like the one done by the Blue Wahoos.

Brian Spencer is brilliant. He does care about people in his district. However, he needs to get back on track. It’s great to have ideas….just not every idea is a great one.

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