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Varona attorney confirmed no deal

April 1, 2014

Jesse Rigby of Clark Partington Hart called to confirm there is no deal between his client, Robert de Varona, and the city of Pensacola.

He said his firm has had no direct communication with Mayor Hayward, City Attorney Jim Messer or Airport Director Greg Donovan.

All conversations have been with attorney John Daniel.

Any discussions should be kept confidential until an agreement is reached, according to Rigby.

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  • joe April 2, 2014 at 9:49 pm

    I believe CJ Lewis nailed it.

    City council has decided not to even get a legal opinion on the question of whether they have the ability to hire an attorney.
    I have only met one council member and my question to him, Charles Bare, what are you going to say when your child is older and asks you, “Dad, why didn’t you do anything when you knew someone else was doing wrong”?

    Enough already, spend a thousand dollars and get a legal opinion. Hayward certainly doesn’t hesitate to get outside counsel when he wants something done.

  • CJ Lewis April 2, 2014 at 8:44 am

    The real issue remains whether the Mayor has the unilateral authority to strip the City Council of all of its authority to approve contracts and leases to include at the Airport! The City Council agenda for next week does not mention the issue at all. Apparently, the Council collectively and individually has decided to do nothing, the Council members not even willing to hire an attorney to defend the Council.